In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Alisha Jones, Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh, Shannon Andrews; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM

Minutes from 4-30-2015 Meeting – Approved

Trivia Night Debrief – It went really well. The Excellent Humans took back the trophy! Gloria did a great job again. We bought a corny keg of cider from 2 Towns and it was just the right amount.

Social Hour – Thomas anchored this on Tuesday. It was not very well attended, but Thomas got to finish his tequila club card! It was Cinco de Mayo so it was very crowded at Bombs Away. Next up: Friday the 15th. Vance has been voluntold to anchor. (We should be sure to inform him of it.)

Reader’s Theatre Debrief – This was the evening of Friday, May 1. It was really well attended! Thomas and Vance both performed.

We take a few minutes to celebrate Thomas’s birthday!

Ed Ray Meeting – This is at 2 PM on Wednesday the 13th.

Attendance: Alisha, Thomas, and Ashley will be there, and Gloria can make it if needed. We’ll invite Clint to see if he’s available. Thomas will ask Ed if we can invite Sherm to the meeting. Thomas will email Ed, Brenda, Glenn, and Dave as a reminder/to send the agenda.

Agenda: The last time we talked to Ed was when we were speaking at the BoT meeting about budget stuff. Since then, we received a negative reaction from the CLA leadership, as well as a little bit of new information about the funding situation possibly improving. The assistantship funding issue is clearly related to the tuition remission situation, which is a central-level university issue. The group who’s going to the Ed Ray meeting will get together on Tuesday to plan how to talk about budget stuff. Other agenda items: Summer health insurance – moving to opt-out instead of the current opt-in system where it’s easy for people to forget to enroll; standardizing costs to protect private family information.

Steward Council Meeting – This is next Monday, the 11th. Food: We’ll do a pretty easy pasta with salad and garlic bread. Ashley will do the shopping. Gloria will be in charge of cooking and Kris will be her soushi. Ashley needs the grocery list before Monday morning. Turnout: Béatrice sent an initial email to the reps list earlier this week. Ashley will invite the new stewards today (they aren’t on the email list yet). Ashley will send reminder emails on Sunday and Agenda: Welcome new stewards, pass along wisdom, go through the handbook. Bargaining: explain the timeline/process, ask for ideas for the bargaining survey. Mention Strategic Retreat.

AAUP GMM – We’ve been invited to the meeting next Wednesday at noon. Thomas, Kris, and Ashley will go. We’ll ask Clint if he can go too.

Strategic Retreat – It looks like we’ll probably have this on the weekend of June 26 – 28, although possibly the previous weekend. Ashley will re-contact the people she hasn’t heard from yet and start shopping for a house once the date is set.

George Mann Concert – This “N.Y. Labor Singer/Songwriter” will have a concert in Corvallis on Friday, May 15th. CGE has been invited to “soapbox” briefly during the intermission to share our upcoming events, hot issues, or critical needs for volunteers or resources. We don’t think we’ll have someone available do that. Kris will send the event across the Social List.

Meeting Grad Admin Folks – There are a couple new hires in the grad school and we’d like to have a lunch meeting to introduce ourselves. Kris will email them (and Brenda) to start setting up a date.

“The Hunting Ground” Showing – Ashley will email with folks from OSU’s Office of Equity and Inclusion to start the conversation about hosting a screening that’s open for everyone on campus.

Organizing Summit – The Oregon AFL-CIO is hosting a learning/discussing/networking thing at the Vancouver Hilton all day on Tuesday, May 19th. Kris and Ashley would like to go. Ashley is also going to invite some of the new officers. We’ll revisit this at next week’s meeting. The EC would need to specifically approve any spending for this because we’ve already used up our budget for Member Leadership Training.

Kickball Tournament – Janet emailed Ashley to say she wants to host a kickball tournament and see if CGE wants to help pay for the park rental. If they’re willing to hold the tournament the way we want it, we’re willing to pay for it. Ashley will talk with Janet and also with the parks people.

Great Cover-Up – Gloria is feeling good about the soccer game! She’ll follow up with the people who have said they want to go. Ashley has pushed for carpool signups on the Social List and the FB group.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25 PM

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