Steward Council

The CGE Steward Council is an elected body of representatives that works to build and strengthen our union.  The internal organizational and communications structure provided by the Steward Council is essential to building the strength of our union and winning better contracts for all of us.

Stewards are elected annually by members of their respective departments at the winter all-member meeting. Any member in good standing is eligible to run as a Steward.

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CGE Executive Council

The CGE EC is the elected body that is entrusted to coordinate the strategic goals and mission of our union. The EC also tends to the daily union tasks that need attention. As such, it is necessary that all EC members commit to carrying out these duties for the entire year of office.

Officers are elected annually at the spring general membership meeting, and terms run from July 1 – June 31 of the following year. Any member with at least 3 months’ membership in good standing in the union is eligible to hold office.

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