EC minutes 2012-04-24 web[1]

In attendance: Ashley Bromley, Sean McGregor, Matt Loewen, Jack Day, Wren Keturi, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Rob Hess

Meeting called to order at 10:09 AM

Minutes from 4-10-2012 Meeting:  Approved

Minutes from 4-17-2012 Meeting:  Approved

Previously Made Decisions:  Approved paying for two new listservs for caucuses. In the long term we may want to look into cheaper listserv options (such as google groups), but for now PEAK is reasonable.

RA Campaign Update

Bargaining Update:  Had a session last Friday. Matt and Jack feel less positive about this one, although one attendee who hadn’t been to previous IBB sessions said it still seemed much better than previous “traditional” bargaining. Now there are a few weeks off before the next session on May 11th.

ASOSU Elections:  Ashley has sent the Candidate Report Cards draft to the Reps. Several of them have indicated an interest in being write-in candidates as well. We’re planning to have a computer set up for people to vote at the GMM (since elections close that night).

Membership Drive:  Not a huge number of new membership cards (2 at this point), but our main goal has been to get out and talk to our membership again. Bret feels that people don’t all explain fair share in the same way; Ashley suggested something like “You’re already paying for it, although you can get some portion back if you ask for it.” Matt will work on getting more cards from Geo this week. Jack wants to get SBHS up to 100%.

Tax Day Recap:  Ashley and Shari attended a protest downtown at Wells Fargo. Our megaphone got some use, and we got a few postcards signed as well.

Projector Dongle:  This has come up a few times in the last couple weeks (Rep meeting, bargaining). Everybody has a Mac and they can’t connect to CGE’s projector. Matt thinks it would be about $30. Jack thinks it’s a good investment. Sean approves the expenditure. Bret will go to the bookstore and find one.

Personalized Emails:  Angela will try a different plug-in on her current version of Thunderbird to make sure it works before Bret updates his version and loses compatibility with the old personalizing plug-in.

Bret’s Computer:  He blew air into it and it’s still making a lot of noise. Sean moves that Rob fix it. Wren seconded. Everyone voted in favor.

Online Backup:  Angela is about to finalize this. Will pay for it month-to-month for a little bit and then go to the (slightly lower cost) annual plan once we’ve lowered the jigabytes. Public Employment Relations Conference – Bret attended on April 5. Good information about labor law and the status of labor in Oregon. He thinks it would be a good thing to send an officer to next year.

May Day Events:  Still need more people to table at Central Park on Sunday! Wren and Bret can probably do the earlier shift. Ashley is bummed that she’s going to miss it. Wren thinks she should be able to borrow a pick-up to transport a table. Ashley will pick up some markers for poster-making because ours are all used up. There are some fliers that we need to pass around, and there will be some more lit written up about CGE stuff for the table.

All-Member Email:  This should go out tonight or tomorrow morning!!! GMM reminder and RSVP request. ASOSU candidates info and election. May Day events.

Strategic Retreat:  Ashley looked into a place Sean had recommended and it won’t work for us. There’s another place we’ve looked at that Ashley will try to reserve.

GMM:  Bret will ask the Senior Center about wifi and sound enhancement. Ashley will call McMenamins to get a couple tables reserved for the after-party. Here’s what we’ve worked on for the agenda:

  1. Welcome and recruit an elections committee (5)
  2. Nominations for officers (5)
  3. Budgets (2)
  4. Membership update (2)
  5. Bargaining (5)
  6. ASOSU candidates and voting (5)
  7. Constitution and Bylaws – talk and vote (15)
  8. Mission, Vision, Values (5)
  9. Candidate speeches (15) 9.5 Voting
  10. Campaign update (8)
  11. May Day events (3)
  12. Caucuses (4)
  13. Convention recap (8)
  14. Events (3)
  15. Presentation of next EC (1)
  16. Singing of “Solidarity Forever”

Garden Volunteering Day:  The June 2nd date we were hoping for won’t actually work.

Meeting adjourned at 12:09 PM

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