In attendance: Gloria Ambrowiak, Béatrice Moissinac, Kris Osterloh, Drew Hatlen, Thomas Morrill; Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:45 AM

Minutes from 4-24-2015 Meeting – Approved

Online Tax Payment – Approved

Trivia Night – This is at 7 PM on May 7 – next Thursday! Gloria will be quizmaster again. (If people want to submit questions, she’s willing to review them, but she’s pretty particular!) Booze plan: There’s barely any cider/beer left over from the GMM (which was to be our priority), so the EC approves getting another small cider keg. Kris will get it from 2 Towns. Turnout: Gloria will post about it on the Social List and make a fb event. All the officers will invite all their friends because it seems like Ashley has lost her superpower ability to invite the whole CGE group to events.

GMM Debrief – The food was great! Ashley & Thomas thought attendance was a little low. Thomas felt like the discussion about university budget issues wasn’t super helpful, as it mostly confused people and didn’t bring us much new information. People found the small-group discussions about C&B changes to be a little redundant because Kevin wasn’t totally clear on how much discussion he was supposed to have first. Comment on non-contested EC elections: One person wrote a note on their EC ballot expressing some concern about the legitimacy or democracy of elections where only one candidate is running for a position. (The Social Activities Chair was the only contested election this year.) Those of us who have been involved with CGE know that everyone is given information about the elections coming up and how to nominate people – and we also know how much we try to encourage more people to run for office – but we want to address the concern in case there are other members feeling that way. We can’t reach out to this specific person since the ballots are anonymous, but Kris will write up a general response to post on the blog. Notes for next year: We should consider bringing up EC elections (briefly) at the Winter GMM, to get people thinking about it earlier and (we hope) get more candidates for the election. For member recognition, Drew suggests thinking about specifically emailing people we intend to recognize to encourage them to show up. Election results: The CBA update for summer insurance was approved, and the C&B amendments were approved as amended at the meeting (a capitalization change). New officers will be Kris Osterloh (President), Thomas Morrill (VP Bargaining), Vance Almquist (VP Organizing), Stephanie Parreira (VP Communications), Chris Mihiar (Secretary-Treasurer), Clint Mattox (External Relations Chair), and Zhian Kamvar (Social Activities Chair).

AAUP-Oregon Conference Recap – Thomas attended this last Saturday to be on a panel talking about the institutional boards. Overall, the boards are run by non-academics who are more or less tasked with running the universities as businesses. Having a grad employee seat on the board was one of the main goals coming out of the discussion, so Thomas feels like AAUP will be a good ally on that. It was also AAUP’s 100th anniversary, so they had some cake!

Readers Theatre – This is tomorrow night at 7 PM at the city library. Thomas will post again on the Social List and bump up the event on the fb group. We have a bunch of fliers sitting outside the office door that officers should distribute around campus / around town.

Great Cover-Up – This is next week, the evenings of May 8 and May 9. Gloria will re-send it to the Social List and ask people to email her with their interest in carpools.

Union Cup – Gloria has heard interest from several people about being on the CGE team for the soccer game next Saturday, May 9. She’ll include it in the Social List email as well. There’s a fb event called “CGE-GTFF Soccer Match” that officers should invite all their friends to.

Social Hour – Thomas will anchor the Social Hour next Tuesday, May 5. He will email the Social List

Steward Council – This will be Monday, May 11. Béatrice will email the list an initial announcement. We’ll talk about the food plan at next week’s meeting. Béatrice and Ashley will come up with an agenda, which will include welcoming the new stewards and answering any questions. Steward elections: Béatrice will email the reps list today reminding stewards to remind their people to vote.

All-Member Email – Thomas will draft this really quickly to go out this afternoon. Steward elections, readers theatre, trivia night, Cover-Up, Union Cup, social hour. Angela will watch for the moderation request to approve it.

New EC – Going by last year’s dates, we’ll plan to add the new officers to the EC listserv on May 18, and request regular EC meeting attendance starting the next week.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25 PM

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