In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Alisha Jones, Gloria Ambrowiak, Drew Hatlen, Kris Osterloh (late!), Shannon Andrews (later!); officers-elect Chris Mihiar and Vance Almquist; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM

Minutes from 5-8-2015 Meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – (1) Set the date for the Strategic Retreat. (2) Approved Ashley reserving the house she found for the Strategic Retreat. (3) Approved the expense necessary to send Kris to the Oregon AFL-CIO Organizing Summit.

Ed Ray Meeting Debrief – This was on Wednesday the 13th. Thomas, Gloria, Alisha, and Ashley were there. One thing we were very interested in knowing about was who would be appointed to the Board for the positions whose terms are up. All the people in those positions will be continuing, with a sort-of exception with ASOSU Pres Taylor, who has the student position. (Drew will talk to Taylor about what kind of selection process he is developing to find his replacement.) Talked about summer insurance premium prorating: popular all around. Talked about equalizing health insurance costs across all employees so that family-status privacy can be maintained. We’re glad to hear that OSU is already researching this.

Steward Council Debrief – This was last Monday, the 11th. Gloria ran the meeting this time! Everyone says she did great. The food quantity was just about perfect. Gloria feels like the night’s singing of “Solidarity Forever” had the most gusto she’s ever heard. [Chris suggests singing faster in the future.]

Steward Council Appointment – We heard from Ian in MIME that his colleague, Mike Doran, would like to be the second steward for their area. The EC now appoints Mike to be a steward. The SC will vote on his approval at the first Fall Term meeting.

AAUP GMM Debrief – Kris, Ashley, and Thomas attended this last Wednesday. Part of the meeting was spent on small-group discussions. The one Thomas & Ashley were part of was about making OSU a socially just university, and how to find issues that the Alliance can work on together.

Social Hour Debrief – Zhian hosted this last Friday and Ashley attended. She says it was good. The turnout was kinda low but had a lot of international representation!

Great Cover-Up Debrief – Gloria & Ashley went to both nights of the Cover-Up and had a great time. The attendance was a little lower than last year’s, especially on Saturday. But the music was good. CGE’s bands were super! [We would like them to play at the EOYP. Ashley will contact them.]

Union Cup Debrief – The GTFF turnout was only 5 players, so CGE provided all of our team and half of theirs. Rodolfo did a good job as ref.

AGEL Hosting – Back in March at the Spring AGEL in Orlando, Chris & Kris campaigned to have Fall AGEL in Corvallis. Rutgers also campaigned for it, but they were persuaded by Chris/Kris that Oregon would be great. Then we found out that AFT will have their next spring meeting in Portland. This could make it harder to get a West Coast AGEL meeting in the fall, but we feel pretty confident that we can still make a great case for it. Chris will draft our letter with some input from Ashley.

Organizing Summit Debrief – Kris went to the Oregon AFL-CIO organizing summit in Vancouver on Tuesday. He will type up his notes and send them across the EC list.

Strategic Retreat

  • Timing: Ashley has booked a house for June 26 – 28.
  • Should we invite Rodolfo? Last year he participated in approximately the first half of the retreat and it worked well. We’d like him to come again so newer CGE folks can get to know him, and so we can benefit from his knowledge. Ashley will invite him.
  • Agenda: Ashley asked on the AGEL list for retreat agenda examples and has heard back from a few people. Shannon, Gloria, and Kris will meet to work on our agenda after Gloria’s defense (happening in less than 2 weeks!).
  • Parental accessibility: There are a few people we want to have at the meeting who will need some accommodation for their child care needs. The EC agrees that this is important. We’ll get more information about how many parents/kids might attend and then look for an additional small house. We’ll also look into hiring a child care worker for at least part of the time.
  • Promotion: We’ll send an all-member email.

New Grad School Admins – Kris will email to set up a meeting (once Ashley emails him their contact info).

Solidarity Fair – This is next Saturday, May 30!

  • Spotlight: CGE has an opportunity to lead a spotlight conversation on an issue or topic that’s important to us. Thomas and Ashley will meet in the next week to talk about how we can do something very cool related to public funding of higher education.
  • Food Plan: We’ll make a lot of pulled pork with salads. Alisha says the LBL-CLC has asked how they can help; she’ll ask them to contribute desserts and beverages. Ashley and Shannon will shop and Ashley will cook.
  • Setup/Transport: We’ll ask Sean to help with his truck. Shannon will also help transport.
  • Tabling: Thomas, Ashley, Alisha, and Kris plan to be there for tabling.

Board of Trustees Meeting – The next meeting will be held over May 28 – 29. We’ll email the new Stewards list the schedule/agendas and ask folks to show up if any of the conversations sound interesting to them. Thomas, Ashley, and Kris are planning to attend some of it. We’re still planning to have the EC meeting as usual at 11 AM next Friday.

Update Westminster House Lease – Angela made a couple edits to our lease agreement to match the updates we verbally agreed to in the fall. The EC approves and will sign the updated lease agreement. Angela will ask Tim and another Westm person to sign.

Social Hour – The next one is scheduled for Monday. Thomas, Kris, and Gloria will be there. Kris will advertise it on the fb group and the Social List.

Organizing Task Force Meeting – AFT-Oregon is holding a meeting at their offices on Saturday, May 30, to talk about organizing as it relates to strengthening membership and fighting against attacks on union rights to fair share. This is the same day as the Solidarity Fair, but it should be done by noon. Kris will attend.

All-Member Email – We’ll try to send this next Tuesday, the 26th. Drew will draft a blurb about the open forum survey. Kris will draft the blurbs about the Strategic Retreat (including parents) and the EOY BBQ. [Related: Ashley will create an fb event for the BBQ.] Thomas will draft a blurb about the Solidarity Fair. Other officers will send their edits and/or approvals across the list.

Meeting adjourned around 1 PM

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