CATs Organize Actions To Win In Bargaining

What’s a CAT? CAT stands for Contract Action Team. This team is responsible for connecting what’s happening at the bargaining table to membership and to the broader community. For any contract campaign, CATs lead the fight off the table through coordinated communication and direct action, while our bargaining team leads the fight at the table by making GE demands directly to management. If you’re looking for a low-barrier way to support your bargaining team for the 2021-2022 contract re-opener this is it!

Our Contract Action Team is comprised of CGE members who build power in bargaining by planning and executing actions to display the strength of our union. Specific include rallies, informational events, recruitment for bargaining sessions, soliciting testimonies, petitions, and more.  Each CAT is responsible for activating at least 10 members for every bargaining activity we undertake. They do this by committing to these three things (which you may already do):

  • Meet regularly with the Bargaining Team members on your campus to let them know what’s happening with your CAT.
  • Communicate with your CAT about the CGE contract campaign and other important union issues.
  • Mobilize your co-workers to take action as a union in support of our contract campaign and our rights at work We need you, even if you’re not a cat person.

Joining the CAT is crucial, and the way you can be directly involved in the bargaining process! We still need more CATs to continue building power as a union, so please sign up and be a part of the team!

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