In attendance: Béatrice Moissinac, Alisha Jones, Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh, Drew Hatlen, Thomas Morrill; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:33 AM

Minutes from 3-24-2015 Meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – (1) Appointed (K)(Ch)rises to be on AGEL calls this term. (2) Approved Ed Ray email regarding CLA budget issues. (3) Approved emails to Board of Trustees members regarding grads on board (HB 3237).

Online Tax Payment – Approved Angela paying our March Federal payroll taxes online.

Kris Goes To Salem (Again! With GSean!) Debrief – Kris spontaneously composes a haiku recap:

It went pretty well

I got to testify first

We all did real swell

There was a lot of support for the bill from the UO staff and faculty members of their Board, and everyone who spoke did a good job. However, Kris thinks it’s unlikely that most of the Republican representatives will vote for the bill. Also, there will definitely need to be some edits to give the bill any chance of succeeding – mainly clarifying which groups must have grad seats.

Steward Council Meeting Debrief – Béatrice thinks it went well. We received a lot of info from stewards about the tuition/budget issues. Attendance wasn’t super-great, but Ashley felt like the meeting went well and everyone stayed engaged in the conversations.

Game Night Debrief – This was Tuesday at Woodstock’s. Gloria says attendance was good!

Our Little Village Survey – CGE member Terese Jones is putting together a survey for student parents about their use of the OLV locations. The SPAB is not allowed to spend money for survey completion incentives. The EC agrees that CGE will help with this by funding $40 for incentives (from Caucuses budget because this idea came up through the Family Caucus) – some $5 coffee cards and/or some 99¢ Amazon digital cards.

Steward Council ElectionsNew online system: Ashley sent out a test using the system and it looks pretty good. There is an option to have a photo next to each name, so we can ask nominees to submit photos of themselves. Areas list: Ashley will send out the same list as last year’s.

All-Member Email – This week, we need to send an email with announcements of ratification & summer enrollment reminder (Thomas will write), the SC areas (Ashley), the GMM (Kris), and a blurb about the grad school’s open forums (Drew). They will write them TODAY!

Summer Health Insurance: Deadline – We’ve already TAed new contract language with a deadline of May 15 for the triple deduction. Now George and Rachel have asked us to change it April 30/May 8, respectively. This is rather like the turkey that Gloria had on her sandwich (ie, baloney). The EC agrees that it would be a terribly confusing idea to spring a new deadline onto people, not to mention it would mean OSU is reneging on our TA. We’ll just encourage people to sign up as soon as possible.

Election Notices – Ashley has drafted a letter for mailing our required notices for the EC and SC elections. This needs to be mailed by next Thursday. Everybody approves the letter.

Social Calendar – Gloria and Ashley have drafted the Spring Term calendar. We’re still waiting to hear a location for the “Hunting Ground” movie; Ashley will pester some more on that. Gloria is working on the Union Cup, too, which we plan to have on Saturday, May 9, between the two nights of the GTFF Great Cover-Up. She’s investigating options for the field; we’ll ask Rodolfo to be the ref. For now we’ll say “in Eugene” as the location, and Gloria feels pretty good about 2 PM as the time.

Letter Writing For Organizing Campaign – To help our organizing efforts in low-membership areas, we’re going to send letters to nonmembers who haven’t previously been reached through office visits. The letter writing is happening tonight, here at 5:30. So far there are 4 or 5 people planning to come; Béatrice will email the SC again today to try to get a few more. Ashley drafted a letter that ended up being a little longer than ideal for writing by hand. Kris is now working on a briefer version.

Ed Ray Meeting – Alisha will begin the scheduling process.

Grad School Open Forums – These will be in the MU next Monday, April 6, 2:30-4 and Tuesday, April 7, 4:30-6. Drew is still collecting volunteers for facilitating and note-taking. Ashley and a few officers will help facilitate. The EC approves contributing up to $100 for 4 Dream pizzas (2 per day).

AFT-OR Lobby Day – This is in Salem on Monday, April 20, starting at 8 AM. In the past, CGE hasn’t participated very much, but results are always improved by greater turnout. The EC did previously approve a budget line for Political Action that’s intended for mileage reimbursement for events like this. The EC agrees to reimburse members for mileage & parking. Alisha will email the SC list in the next week or so, and Ashley will email the usual suspects individually.

Spring EC Schedule – Officers will re-send their full weekly schedules to Ashley.

Percaps Primer – Ashley has sent this around, Thomas added a sentence, and the rest of the EC approves it. Ashley will email it to the delegates so they have a chance to read it before Monday’s meeting.

ASOSU Elections – Senate/House candidate filing deadline has been extended through tomorrow, so if any CGEers want to be elected, they should sign up! Voting will open online on April 6 and close on April 17. We were contacted by one of the presidential candidates (Ariah Suek) to ask about grad student/grad employee needs. We’ll ask her to come talk with us at next week’s EC meeting – which we’ll try to set ASAP (that means officers send their schedules to Ashley!).

Letter Writing – Kris has finished his shorter version of the letter. The other officers like it. We’ll print out a bunch of pages of CGE letterhead for people to hand-write on. We’ll also enclose a membership card and a sheet of CGE info.

Meeting ended at 1 PM

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