CGE is the collective of grad workers at OSU, and part of being in a union is pooling our resources for everyone’s benefit. Here is a short list of union resources:

  • Grievances: File a report with CGE to schedule a meeting or start the grievance process with union representation, learn more about what makes something a grievance, and read up on common grievances experienced at OSU.
  • Workload Tracker: It is for your protection that you track the hours you work! If you work more hours than you’re being paid the only way you can a) be compensated for those hours, or b) stop working overtime is by having a documented record of the hours you’ve logged.
  • CGE Newsletter: Our newsletter is published every two weeks and includes all the decisions made by our Executive Council, Steward Council, and Caucuses as well as all other union updates. Read to stay up to date with what’s happening in your union!
  • CGE Hardship Fund: A portion of members’ dues go into our union hardship fund to assist grad workers experiencing financial hardship.
  • CGE Housing & Mutual Aid Forum: Use this online forum for sharing needs and availability of housing along with other forms of need or support you can offer to fellow grads.
  • CGE Rideshares: Use this online board to find or offer a ride to PDX, Eugene, Albany, or anywhere else.
  • CGE Free Library: Our union has a free library for all members to check out books as they need or desire them.
  • CGE Calendar: Check out what events are coming up and meet up with some of your fellow grad employees.
  • CGE Social List: Sign up to get (and make) email announcements from your union cousins about all kinds of fun social events.