Still have questions about CGE after your department orientation?  Check out the FAQ below or contact us at!

What is CGE? CGE is a labor union that represents and advocates for ~1,900 graduate employees at OSU. We’re democratic and volunteer-run, and we work to make OSU a better place. You have a say in what CGE works on, including being part of the bargaining process and impacting the future of all graduate employees at OSU. We’re affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, a national teaching union.

What Does CGE Do? We negotiate with OSU for contracts that set out key standards for graduate assistants including the tuition waiver, workload limits, minimum salaries, annual salary adjustments, health insurance, fee remission, an evaluation process, and a grievance procedure. We also help grads create campus-wide community by holding BBQs and other social events.

Who can join CGE? Any graduate student at OSU. This includes international students who have the same rights to unionization and participation in union activities as do domestic students. Bargaining unit members (that are represented by our contract) include Graduate Assitants, Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs), and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). Fellows, hourly, and self-funded students can still be CGE members as associate members, but are not (yet) protected by our contract. Post-graduation students can continue to support CGE as legacy members, but are not considered CGE members.

Why should I join? Becoming a member of CGE demonstrates your support for the issues we advocate for: a stronger voice for graduate employees and improved wages, health insurance, and fee relief.  Our strength to bargain these improvements is rooted in our membership, making joining the best way to help us achieve these goals.  Moreover, becoming a member of CGE gives you a direct voice in setting priorities in bargaining and electing leaders to carry out the other day-to-day business of CGE.  Joining CGE is also a great way to connect with people within and beyond your department. And remember, if you appreciate your salary and benefits, being a member also helps to protect those so that they do not get scaled back during a bargaining cycle.

I signed something as part of my appointment paperwork. Doesn’t that make me a member? Nope! Only signing a blue membership card can do that. You probably just released your salary data to CGE.

How much does it cost to be a member of the union? Dues are 2% of your gross monthly income. Upon joining, dues will be automatically deducted from your monthly paycheck and remitted to CGE. Collectively, these funds pay for the bargaining and maintenance of the contract that covers all graduate employees.

How do I join? Sign a blue card by talking to your department steward, stopping by the CGE office, or attending any CGE event. Not in Corvallis? You can also fill out an online membership card at It’s that easy. Welcome to CGE!

Where is the CGE Office? The CGE Office is located at 101 NW 23rd Street (Westminster House), in the basement.

How can I contact CGE? Phone: (541) 757-7141 or Email: