In attendance: Clint Mattox, Chris Mihiar, Thomas Morrill, Kris Osterloh, Zhian Kamvar (on time!), Vance Almquist (late!); BT member/officer-elect Dixie Daniels; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:03 PM

Minutes from 4-26-2016 – Approved.

Email Decisions – None this week.

Online Tax Payment – Approved Angela paying the April federal payroll taxes online.

Readers’ Theatre Debrief – Thomas attended and participated in this on Sunday. Total attendance was around 40. They thought it went pretty well. Thomas had a lot of fun.

Bargaining Update – The B-Team met last Friday and yesterday to prepare for upcoming sessions. We’ll bring responses on health insurance as well as language on parking and “summer sandwich” tuition coverage. Depending on the admin team’s response at the May 6th session – and how much effort they’ve put into their responses to our proposals – the B-Team is considering asking for an action in the next few weeks. We’d really like to see increased turnout to the next session. Thomas will draft an email template for officers to email their portions of the steward list (including templates for the stewards to email grads in their areas). We’re also going to ask for a couple additional sessions in May.

Steward Council

  • Elections: These ran (after a couple hiccups) last week, Tuesday – Friday. Ashley will put together the results and email everyone.
  • Meeting: Next Tuesday, May 10th. It will be the intro meeting for the new stewards! Vance and Ashley will meet to finalize the agenda and menu.
  • Maria Graybeal from AFT-OR would like to speak to the SC about the upcoming anti-worker ballot measures. The EC approves inviting her to speak for 5-10 minutes. Kris will invite her.

Trivia Night – Coming up this Thursday the 5th at 7 PM. Vance is almost done with questions and Kris will be hosting. Kris will bring the beer + cider and get some tasty snacks from Winco – including some snacks that do not contain bananas. Thomas will bring the popcorn maker in his car. Stephanie and Zhian can also help with setup.

Great Cover-Up – Happening at Luckey’s in Eugene, this Friday (starting at 8 PM) and Saturday (starting at 9 PM). The EC approves offering mileage reimbursement for people who drive carpools. Ashley will email the offer and organize carpooling for people who respond.

Solidarity Fair – This will be on Saturday, May 21st, from noon to 5 PM. Clint attended the planning meeting this last weekend. Everyone’s really pumped. CGE will be providing lunch (estimating about 100 people). Over the next weekish, we’ll think of something interactive to have at the CGE table (possibly including make-your-own Utah Phillips beards?) and come up with a food plan.

ASJU Meeting – The Alliance is having their monthly meeting tomorrow at noon. There will be a videoconference Q&A session with Howard Bunsis at 7 PM the next Wednesday, May 11th. Clint will update us on the planning after tomorrow’s meeting; the EC will decide over email what kind of promotion we’d like to do for the session.

AFT National Convention – Since this is the first time CGE has sent delegates to the AFT Convention, Thomas would like to have some direction for himself and Kevin on how best to represent CGE at the national level. The EC feels that (1) they’re pretty confident in Thomas and Kevin’s knowledge and experience of CGE, and (2) we’ll have a better idea of what resolutions we’d like our delegates to support in June, after the submission deadline.

New Online Backup Service – The backup service we’ve been using (Bitcasa) is discontinuing their small-potatoes service later this month to focus on enterprise-level customers. Longtime CGE techie Forrest has suggested a service called CrashPlan; Angela has looked around at some others and some reviews, and CrashPlan does indeed look like a good fit for us. The cost would be $150 per year. The EC approves Angela getting started with CrashPlan.

Outdoor School for All Campaign – We were emailed by a student who’s working on a signature campaign here at OSU for a petition to secure statewide funding for Outdoor School. They’re looking for more volunteers to collect signatures at OSU. Angela suggested he email the Social List. The EC agrees that the issue isn’t really relevant to grad employment and so we won’t do any official promotion or involvement.

Social List Email Question – CGE member Sami is running as an independent for a position in the Oregon House of Representatives. He asked us for approval of an email he’d like to send over the Social List asking for support, with a disclaimer he included saying that he’s sending it personally, not as a representation of political endorsement from CGE. The EC agrees that there’s no reason to request Sami not send his email as long as it’s within the Code of Conduct (which his draft certainly is).

Ed Ray Meeting – Our spring term meeting will be Wednesday, May 18th at 10 AM. Thomas, Kris, Vance, and Zhian can be there. We’ll come up with an agenda at one of our next EC meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 6:07 PM. Next meeting is Thursday, May 12th.

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