In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Ashley Bromley, Wren Keturi, Sean McGregor, Jack Day, Lauren Atwell, Matt Loewen, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman, Shari Walton

Guests: Angi Baxter came to listen to the ASOSU candidates

Meeting called to order at 10:10 AM

Meeting the ASOSU Pres/VP Candidates
1.  Jackson Lile and Robert Ohanesian
2.  Amelia Harris (running with Dan Cushing)
3.  Drew Hatlen (running with Karli Olsen)

Minutes from March 19 – approved; from April 3 – approved.

Minutes for Website – Ashley has started putting them up from previous meetings. In the future, Angela will send an appropriate version to Wren and she’ll post it.

Email Decisions – Timing of End-of-Year Party: BBQ at Avery Park, Friday, June 15. Maple Grove Shelter is reserved.

Campaign Update

Bargaining Update – B-Team meeting this evening at 6 PM. Next session tomorrow at 2 PM in the MU, probably room 211 if Jeri is okay with using that room. Will be talking about Family Leave Act and Health Insurance, hoping to have a couple witnesses to speak on insurance costs. Will try to get fees on the table for the next meeting (April 20).

Convention Prep – Need to get a thank-you card for Rob Wagner (because he helped get legislator signatures for our campaign). Most of the departure arrangements have been made.

Caucus Funding – Beatrice has requested some money for food for the international student caucus meeting. The EC authorizes up to $80.
Strategic Retreat Timing – We’ll try to get on this soon.

Rep Meeting – Tomorrow at Papa’s Pizza at 6 PM.

All-Member Email – Going out Thursday: Spring GMM, ASOSU elections, caucuses, CGE trivia night, End-of-Year party.

Money Transfer – EC approves transfer of funds to the debit account for Rep meeting, postage for election notice mailings, and groceries etc for Convention. A total of $1,600 is transferred so no one has to worry about funds getting low during Convention expenses.

Trivia Night and EoY Party – We’ll advertise these heavily after the GMM.

Public Health Stuff – Jack has some updated information. He suggested setting up an informal meeting between CGE and the college to make sure we all have accurate information.

LBL-CLC Recap – [Mindy and Ashley squealed with delight when Jack brought this up.] Jack’s overall feeling of the group is that they like to throw money around in order to get their name out. They’re hoping to get a delegate from Lincoln County; Mindy suggests someone from COCC. Jack’s going to try to get the CLC involved in the May Day events!

For Next Week – Let’s talk about engagement in the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM

EC minutes 2012-04-10 web


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