In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Drew Hatlen, Thomas Morrill, Gloria Ambrowiak, Béatrice Moissinac, Kris Osterloh; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

Minutes from 10-15-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – Approved all-member about the GMM.

AGEL Debrief – This was last weekend, and four CGE people went. There were representatives from 12 AGEL locals! Drew thought the sessions were really good. There was an exercise where each group created a diagram/pictorial representation of their local’s structure; Thomas thought it was very interesting to see how the groups thought of themselves. Ashley had some meaningful discussions with the BAGELS group. Chris Mihiar wasn’t able to attend today’s EC meeting, but he emailed to say he really appreciated being able to go to the conference. The UM and MSU locals were inspired by our Brew-Off tradition with GTFF and would like to begin their own. CGE put in a pretty strong bid for hosting AGEL in Fall 2015.

Audit Update – Larry the CPA was here yesterday to go through procedures, numbers, and files. We made some progress, Angela will work on a few more things, and he’ll be here again (maybe week after next?) to finish up. One of his partners in the firm, Bill, will be emailing officers. Larry estimates the timeline for the process of being another 3 weeks or so. He strongly recommends that we switch to using QuickBooks. Angela looked into pricing and expects that the version we’d want would be about $250 (and should be usable for at least 3 years). The EC approves getting QuickBooks, so Angela will work on purchasing and setting it up.

Social Hour/Bowling Debrief – This was last Wednesday the 15th. There was a little trouble getting the Social List email out, so turnout at Bombs wasn’t very high. Then 8 people went out for bowling afterward! One person asked Ashley if things like bowling could be done on weekends instead of weeknights, and Ashley said we’re certainly happy to promote an event if they want to anchor it.

SEIU Meeting Debrief – Last night, Ashley attended SEIU’s leadership meeting (analogous to our EC meetings). She and they came up with a joint event where we can contribute our Darkside Kickstarter reward of a theater reservation and they contribute a movie they want to screen. We like this!

Local Member Benefits – Ashley got us two new member bennies yesterday! 5% off loose tea/coffee at Oregon Coffee and Tea, and a discount at Pegasus Games of $2 off a $20+ purchase.

GMM – Agenda: Pretty well set. Shannon heard from GTFF that a couple of them will attend. David Rives and a couple other AFT-Oregon staff will also be there; we’d like to hold Rives to a 2-minute intro. Food plan: Béatrice and Kris will go shopping tomorrow morning; Gloria and Ashley will finalize the shopping list this afternoon. Chopping will happen tomorrow afternoon; cooking will happen Friday at noon. Drink plan: Kris will pick up beer on Friday that Ashley will order; Kris and Béatrice will get whiskey/gin as well. Setup plan: Ashley, Thomas, and Kris will meet at Westmin at 4:30 to go set things up. Shannon, Gloria, and Béatrice will transport food by 5. Turnout plan: Shannon will email the stewards tomorrow to remind their people Friday; Ashley will personalized-email everyone tomorrow.

Laptop Decision – Drew’s lower-cost option fell through (cost a lot more than expected). The option Kris looked into was also really pricy. So Sean wins by default! The EC decides to go with Sean’s suggestion, with upgrades (as he prioritizes) keeping the cost under $1,000.

GTFF Negotiations – Last Friday, the membership rejected the UO’s “last, best offer” and voted to declare impasse. This means they’re now in a 30-day “cooling off” period, wherein both sides can continue making offers. GTFF is holding another strike-authorization vote throughout this week. If it is approved and nothing changes, the strike could begin on Monday, November 17. We might hear an update from them at our GMM this Friday.

Contract Rollout Issues Update – It seems like the matriculation fee has (largely) been taken care of, as well as the international student orientation fee. No one has the correct fee remission yet because the administration got hung up on implementation. The problem with e-campus tuition/fees has not been fixed. Both of those should be taken care of by October 29, as well as issuing of manual checks for people who had already paid erroneous charges. Almost all of the affected GTAs in Anthropology have been given back pay for their higher FTE assignments (there’s a remaining issue for a few with adjusted FTE putting them above 0.49).

FYI – Shannon, Gloria, and Kris will be gone on Wednesday, November 5 for a department thing. This means ALL the other officers NEED to be at the EC meeting! Please! Thanks! Social Calendar – Gloria needs someone to anchor the Social Hour this Saturday, the 25th. Thomas will!

Office Visits – This term’s round of office visits has been pretty disappointing. A lot of people cancelled on short notice and some just didn’t show up. Thomas wants to bring this issue up to the Steward Council meeting in week 7. We may need to adjust the way we do office visits, in order to get more people to not just sign up but also show up. It’s really vital that stewards check in with their areas regularly, and we will stress that.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM

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