In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Vance Almquist, Kris Osterloh, Stephanie Parreira, Clint Mattox, Zhian Kamvar; EC-to-be Brittany MacPherson; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:05 PM

Minutes from 5-17-2016 – Approved.

Email Decisions – Approved all-member email about Solidarity Fair.

Hiring Update

  • Process Update: The HC met again last Friday the 20th to create a qualification-ranking rubric. We’re trying to schedule an anti-bias training with OEI; tentatively we’ll have it on June 6th. The EC requests Ashley be in charge of communicating with applicants to acknowledge receipt and field questions they may have. She will also anonymize the applicants’ information (as much as possible) before passing the resumes and cover letters along to the HC.
  • Posting Decisions: Yesterday, Ashley got the job postings up on the free and already approved (read: lower cost) websites. Several of the websites we initially wanted to use turned out to be either too expensive for what we’d get or not appropriate for our job type. Ashley has done more research and found additional options, including El Hispanic News (instead of LatPro), and the National Urban League Jobs Network website (instead of and The Skanner). The EC approves using those new ones.

End-of-Year BBQ

  • Music: We’re anticipating Meatbomb and Jocko Homomorphism. Ashley will also ask (in order of priority) Jeremy Hoffman, Esteban Bowles-Martinez, and Mons La Hire.
  • Face-painting: We’ll ask Beulah to do face-painting again. The EC approves paying for up to 3 hours (at $50/hour) with a 20% tip.
  • Menu: Burgers, hotdogs/sausages, and chicken sausages. Vance really wants to see a bean scenario and Ashley requests he also do something with all those lentils. Vance will acquire some long-handled grill utensils. Clint volunteers to do shopping but can’t do setup.
  • Awards: The EC agrees we should do awards again. We’ll discuss how and who later.
  • Turnout: We’ll send an all-member email and post an FB event by THIS Friday. Kris will draft it.

CGEU Conference – The annual conference is in Los Angeles this year, August 13-16. The EC agrees we’d like to send someone. Stephanie will email the Steward Council to ask for interest.

Strategic Retreat – June 17-19. Vance, Kris, and Ashley will get together soon to plan the agenda.

Officer Transitions – The time has come for outgoing officers to collect their thoughts and materials and share them with their incoming officer replacements.

Bargaining – We had sessions last Friday the 20th and yesterday.

  • Update: The two teams have been exchanging a lot of proposals and making progress on some issues, but it’s very unlikely we’ll be able to reach a tentative agreement before summer. Bummer! We’re still looking for movement from the Admin team on issues of COLAs, insurance enrollment and premium coverage, safety issues, and summer tuition remission.
  • Miscellaneous: Kris will meet with the B-Team to talk over safety issues.
  • Turnout: Yesterday, we only had about 4 observers. We really want Admin to see more members in the room to show how important these topics are! Our remaining scheduled sessions are the next two Fridays, May 27th and June 3rd. Thomas will draft a template email to stewards to distribute to their departments. We’ll also include bargaining in our all-member email going out this week.

BOT Finance Committee – Ashley attended today’s Board of Trustees Finance Committee meeting. They reported on their finances from the last year. The Foundation lost about $1.5 million. The Education and General (E&G) budget is looking really good this year; they’ll be able to make about a $12 million contribution to reserves. The committee also talked significantly about divestment. The state treasury is open to moving in the direction in the medium and long term for the “public university” side. For the Foundation side, they’re less far along but are talking about it. The committee reported positively on their meetings with Luciana from OSU Divest and Sam from ASAP.

Solidarity Fair Debrief – It was fun. A period of rain diminished turnout a bit, but there were plenty of people to eat all the lunch we brought! Clint, Vance, and Zhian did a great job with the food. It was on time (even a few minutes early) and perfectly prepared.

Ed Ray Meeting Debrief – We met last Wednesday. Field safety stuff: They’re supportive and seem happy enough to make things happen if CGE does the planning work. Earthquake stuff: They gave Stephanie contact info for the guy who’s working on the new emergency plan; she’ll contact him and pass the info along to the EC. Replacing departed admins: It seems like the process will be long and possibly expensive (contracting with a recruitment company). The top admin is looking to revamp central HR so people will stop saying “Oh, nobody wants to go to HR.” International students on insurance: They were initially receptive to opening up the PacificSource plan to international students who are supported on scholarships from their home countries, but didn’t understand we were asking to extend the subsidy as well. When we made that clear, they backed off from their initial interest. Brenda suggested we meet with folks in International Student Services; Ashley has set up a meeting on Thursday afternoon with Marigold from that department.

LBL-CLC Meeting Debrief – Clint attended this last week. For the first time in Clint’s experience, they had to wait a while to make quorum. Someone from Sweet Home was a new attendee this month. Ramon Ramirez (longtime agricultural organizer and president of the Woodburn-based farmworkers union Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste) will be a guest speaker at the June 15th meeting. AFL-CIO will be doing an organizing training or something like that at the August meeting.

Thirsty Third Thursday Debrief – We note again for the record that turnout is great when Ashley hosts.

Meeting adjourned at 6:13 PM

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