EC Meeting Agenda 10/16/18

Facilitator: Azadeh
Vibes Watcher: Lzz
Time Keeper: Emory
Notetaker: Valerie

Attendance: Erin Abernathy, Clint Mattox, Emory Colvin, Lzz Johnk, Valerie Fraser, Azadeh Ghanizadeh, Kali Doten, Nick Fisher, Brian Zhang, Alex Riccio, Micknai Arefaine

Meeting began: 5:05?

Ice-breaker: If you were a wrestler, what would you be your entrance to the ring theme song?

  • Slack Approvals (1 Minute)
      • Froggi needs office keys (Approved)
  • Approvals: (1 Minute)
    • Need to approve staff insurance renewal (rates increased 8%, national average was apparently 10%; full docs can be made available) APPROVED

Continuing Business

  • GMM on Oct. 19
    • Ask stewards if they want to help facilitate?
    • How do we want to facilitate? Broad overview at front, small group discussions at tables facilitated by EC members/Stewards(?). 1 page description of things at each table to give members context. At-table discussion 35 min and larger after-discussion for 25 minutes. Will roll caucus sign ups, etc, into these discussions.
  • Slide with announcements, but can walk around and talk about them.
      • Setup plan
      • Food Prep
          • We still have lots of hot dogs, 50 burgers, some Turkey burgers. We could just go for another burgers/hot dog meal and wouldn’t need much additional supplies (buns, veggies, vegan options, chips & cookies)
          • Clint & Alex will go shopping
        • Azadeh & Alex will cook
      • Online Voting
          • Someone needs to set this up for all current members to receive an online vote. Used SurveyMonkey previously, worked well, we will need to pay a one-month subscription (~$30) for it. APPROVED, Emory will set up though needs the log in, maybe with Clint learning
        • I’d like to talk to Brian at some point about potentially setting something up through our own webspace. There are lots of code packs we can download so we don’t have to build it from scratch. Probably not for this meeting, obviously. – Brian will look into this
    • Action Item: Alex will compile blurbs for our table discussions by Thursday
  • Officer responsibilities
        • Discuss our own/ each other’s
        • Revisit whether we want to be (re)involved in the LBLCLC moving forward
      • Action item: Make sure we are fostering a collaborative environment and a community of care. Communication is key.
  • CGE policy documents
        • Make sure all officers have signed all appropriate docs
      • Action item: Clint will search the Treasurer email account for updated debit card policy.
  • Website & Social Media Stuff
  • Using Mailchimp for emails
        • We have a CGE account for mailchimp now. 
        • Be sure to follow and spread info via social media from CGE
  • Website Follow-Up
        • Brian has a number of suggestions for improving our website and wanted to share with the EC. This doc is a list of his suggestions
        • We are hosted on Peak; need to figure out how much we are paying for this.
        • Can buy a theme from WordPress for $30
            • Brian recommends G Suite for Non-profit
            • Action item: Need to determine how much we’re paying and/or who is paying.
            • Proposal: Give Brian the authority to take care of the website APPROVED
          • Brian recommends more financial transparency; perhaps we need to talk about what we want to share, etc.
      • Encourages a low-interest credit card for the union, as well as investment.
        • Action item: discuss this in finance committee meeting!
  • Steward Retreat:
        • Approved $300 budget.
        • Reservation made for Lion’s Shelter at Avery Park (Rotary Shelter under construction)
      • Oct. 26, 6-10pm.
  • Screen Printing Shirts: Erin ordered supplies (using her money) for everything but shirts.
          • We’ve got 3 screens and black paint and 2 squeegies
        • Folks need to bring light colored shirts or other fabric swag to print on–Kali will send an email to Stewards so they know to bring their own swag
  • Constitutional Convention
        • We have approved a Constitutional Convention on Oct. 25 from 4-8pm at Westminster House.
      • Likely best way to organize this convention is to have one grouping of amendments be discussed for each hour. We can advertise when each grouping will be discussed for our members, and task at least one EC person to take on one hour to walk people through amendments (also ask for help from Const. & Bylaws Committee). Alex and the constitutional committee will facilitate and EC can come if/when possible
        • Amendments to Amendments
            • Final version would need to be the one at 8pm on Oct. 25.
          • Quorum is 30 people in person to propose amendment to amendment, then 3/4ths vote approves changes.

Amendments will be put to an online vote after commencement of Convention.

  • Languages of CGE Video
        • Got lots of volunteers, the beginning of a rough script, next steps are in order.
      • We should decide on an EC person to bottom-line this based on skill/experience rather than simply title. Who has some comfort with video production? Delegating this responsibility to Okan/Kristina/Fara, but Lzz will be point person for coordinating/organizing.
          • Film/Editing Volunteers: Okan, Fara, Kristina Beggen
        • Languages: Tatiana=Russian; Okan=Turkish; Winni=Mandarin; Kandhakar Rashid=Bengali; Jason SF=Spanish?; Ashwaq Alamri=Arabic; Sami=Arabic; Mohammed Alarfaj=Arabic
  • Local Political Candidate Questionnaire
      • The Stewards have been sent a form to rank the top 5 questions out of 10 total. They have until 5pm on Oct. 19th to complete the form. We will then show what questions made the top 5 list at the GMM – Kali will talk about this at the GMM
    • Someone needs to send the top 5 questions to the local candidates after the GMM and post the responses to our website as they come in..
      • Maybe something the External Relations Chair or VP of Comms can do? Erin will email.

New Business

  • Longevity Committee
        • Debrief of Oct 11 meeting
        • Committee decided we are not in a financial emergency and can hire a new part-time staff person.
        • We still feel that the position can be redesigned so that it includes current Business Manager tasks but also take on more organizing tasks (probably a 10hr/10hr split between the two). Mainly the feeling is that with another EC person and Treasurer doing more tasks on this end, and the less number of EC meetings that used to take up BM time we now no longer need a 20hr/week BM, but could still keep a part-time position and use our experience with the MOI to add organizing pieces to the role.
        • We tabled our conversation on finances and investments for a future session.
      • We feel we can put out the call for applications of the part-time position in December and begin the hiring in January. –Not a position that an international student can hold unless we are willing to sponsor
  • AME on CGE Accomplishments:
      • Erin wrote up a summary of CGE accomplishments and goals for this year to send out as an AME. Need to approve language and send out soon. – Erin sent to the EC a draft of an email that would go to all members and all non-members
  • Voting notification emails
      • Erin (as president) agreed to an OSU request for her name to be put on these student-body wide emails to encourage voting (no political affiliations, but info on how to register/vote)
  • EC Approval Over Staff Health Insurance Renewal
        • We had an 8% increase in staff health care via Providence (apparently the national average was 10%). APPROVED
        • We need to approve renewing health care coverage for our staff.
  • CGE representative on committee to choose student board of trustee member
    • The ASOSU constitution states that CGE can choose someone to sit on the committee to choose the student BOT member. We should do this! Needs to be decided soon. We’ll decide this via slack over the weekend
  • AFT-OR Housing Resolution Working Group
      • AFT-OR has called for participants to help get the housing resolution (which CGE was the primary driver of) off the ground. The resolution specifically called for AFT-OR to partner with non-profit housing coop groups and create a fund of $25k for union members to access who wish to start a housing coop.
    • Who is interested in participating? We should also put this out to our stewards and general members, and the folks who identified interest in the housing caucus (roughly 30 people so far) – Alex can include some info from the email in the blurb for the GMM

Future Business/Reminders (5 minutes)

  • Staff Transition Plan:
      • Is everything getting done on time?
  • Alex says we’re good, but still needs help with audit and member cards. Also need help inputing new member data (like surveys and office locations)
        • Do officers need to do more?
      • Does temporary help need to be hired?
  • GTFF 40th Anniversary
  • Caucus Meetings/Bottom-Lining
    • Assuming the caucuses will be approved for constitutional amendment, we need to initiate meetings and assign folks some form of facilitation for them. The amendments state that simply one EC person should be present for caucus meetings, and that they should serve in a note-taking/facilitation capacity- not leadership. Our staff organizer can also always fill in for caucus meetings when EC people are not able to be present. We’re experimenting as we go, so November is a pretty open month one idea we could do as an experiment is just create a “Caucus Day” and dedicate an hour of the day for a specific caucus to see who comes and go from there.
        • Any dates folks think work best? (Thursdays seem to be the best day for the largest number of members/stewards) Nov.1 probably best day
        • Any particular caucus you are more interested in?
          • Housing
          • Pride
          • WoCC
          • Anti-Bullying
          • Working Parents
      • Put a pin in EC requirements for the caucuses; come back to it next meeting

Adjourned: 7:04pm