In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Sneha Gantla, Thomas Morrill, Lizz Hardardt, Araby Belcher; officer-

elect Gloria Ambrowiak; B-Team member Michelle Jennings; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon;

AFT-OR field rep Rodolfo Palma


Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM

Minutes from 5-28-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved scheduling a meeting with Blake/Voss/Forslund about summer

insurance. (2) Approved all-member email about bargaining and EOY BBQ. (3) Decided to attend the 6/4

and 6/10 Grad Student Success meetings. (4) Approved all-member email inviting bargaining witnesses.

Bargaining Update (with Michelle) – For last Friday’s session, CGE brought a lot of witnesses to talk

about their personal difficulties related to low pay, lack of access to quality healthcare, and lack of

affordable child care. We were frustrated that several members of the OSU admin team weren’t paying

attention. OSU has said they’ll bring financial proposals to today’s session (at noon).

Introducing Rodolfo! – He’s now officially our AFT-Oregon field rep. He has organizing experience

from Michigan and South America. In AFT-OR, he’s been working with the locals from UO, Lane CC,

and SW Oregon CC.

Academic Strategies Committee Debrief – Shannon observed a meeting last week. They went over their

charter and their seven main goals. There was a lot of conversation about one of the goals, about the need

to make sure athletes are held to academic standards. There will be a new procedure for approving new

proposals (for degree programs, departments, etc). Shannon thinks these meetings may not be super useful

to us in the future but we should pay attention to the agenda announcements.

Graduate Student Success Forum Debrief – Ashley went to one yesterday (Student Support Groups)

and Sneha will attend one next week (Affinity and Inclusion Groups). It was a bit strange that these

forums did not include input from actual grad students.

CGEU Registration – The conference is happening in Montreal this year, July 31 – August 3. We’ll

email the Stewards to invite applications and we’d like to send 2 members. We’ll request applications

before next Wednesday’s EC meeting.

NW Leadership Forum – This is the same weekend (July 31 – August 3), in Vancouver WA. When Lizz

attended last year, it was remarked on that she was the only grad, so we’d like to send people. We’ll

include invitations for this on the CGEU email. We’d like to send as many members as we can fit in the

hotel room (so, probably 4).

Summer Health Insurance – Several of our members have brought up issues regarding enrollment for

summer coverage. They missed the deadline due to various reasons – including misinformation from

departments and late notice of employment changes – so we asked the insurance folks at SHS whether it

would be possible to still add them. It’s clear that the standard payroll triple-deduction is not necessary,

because OSU already makes write-us-a-check exceptions for grad employees who don’t receive enough

pay to cover the whole summer. They had an internal conversation and determined they would not allow

anyone to enroll past the May 9 deadline. Ashley and Lizz will meet to compose a letter about this.

Social Hour – Today at 5! Shannon is main host.

Online Tax Payment – Approve Angela submitting this payment.

Check Order – Approve Angela ordering more checks.

“Ink” Order – Approve Ashley ordering more printer crayons.

Member Stickers Order – Approve Ashley putting in a re-order.

EOY BBQ – We need to email the SC for nominations for their Steward of the Year. Then the EC will

choose from them. We’ll iron out details for the other awards over email.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

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