In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Clint Mattox, Vance Almquist, Zhian Kamvar, Kris Osterloh, Stephanie Parreira, Chris Mihiar; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:05 PM

Minutes from 5-12-2016 – Approved.

Email Decisions – Approved email to steward list to request volunteers for hiring committee.

Hiring Process Update

  • Hiring Committee: Terese Jones and Dixie Daniels will be joining Chris, Thomas, and Clint. Their first meeting will be tomorrow at 5 PM. Ashley will print out AFT hiring practice documents. Thomas will email the continuity documents from previous CGE hiring committees.
  • Position Description: Chris will review the position description that’s currently in the CCGEE contract and circulate any edits over the EC list.
  • Affirmative Action Policy: Thomas, Ashley, and Angela met this morning to finish up the policy we’d been working on with Stephanie. The EC approves it with an amendment to specify that the hiring committee’s anti-bias and privilege training will be conducted by an outside instructor.

Dues Deduction Grievance Update – Thomas & Ashley delivered a grievance to HR on Friday after HR just said “no” to our request to be reimbursed for our reimbursements. They had scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with Viki; today it was moved to June 6. Because this is after the next payroll, Thomas will inquire about what they plan to do for the remaining deduction they had scheduled for this last person.

Solidarity Fair – Happening this Saturday, May 21, 12-5 PM.

  • Emails: Clint is drafting an all-member email to go out tomorrow. Stephanie will send a Social List email tonight, with a link to the FB event.
  • Shopping: Ashley is working on the shopping list for Yumm bowls. Stephanie & Vance will shop Thursday at 7 PM.
  • Food Prep: Ashley will do lots of prep on Friday. Vance, Zhian, and Clint will meet at 9 AM on Saturday to do the cooking. They’ll bring the food to the park in time for lunch to start at noon.
  • Saturday There Transport: Thomas & Ashley will meet at 9:45 to start moving tables, etc, to the park. Ashley will also ask Sean if his pickup is available.
  • Saturday Tabling: Thomas & Stephanie will each take a tabling shift (12-2:30 and 2:30-5). Kris will email the stewards to ask for some additional tablers.
  • Saturday Back Transport: Thomas will also drive for this (and Ashley will ask Sean as well).


  • Update: We had sessions last Friday and yesterday. The admin team brought a lot of language on Friday (largely strike-throughs on our previous proposals). Yesterday we brought proposals on the salary language. We conceded on candidacy raises and continued to push for higher COLAs. The most contentious area remains the health insurance issues. Getting higher premium coverage is still a priority as well as automatic reenrollment. Ashley will be talking directly with SHS tomorrow for some confirmation on the enrollment question. Yesterday, we also had Terese speak as a witness about child care assistance. CGE’s initial proposal presents a significant enough expense to OSU that it actually got a reaction out of Sherm. While we’d love to see OSU commit to this excellent investment in their grad employees, we anticipate needing to compromise on the amount in order to get it in the contract. We’ll talk about it again at another session Terese is able to attend.
  • Turnout: Attendance was around 10 at each of the last two sessions. The remaining sessions are May 20, May 23, May 27, and June 3. Tomorrow, Vance will email the NEW stewards to get them excited about turning out their areas to bargaining!

Ed Ray Meeting – This is Thursday at 10 AM. Kris, Thomas, Vance, Stephanie, and Ashley will attend. For our agenda: Kris will update on field safety. Stephanie will follow up on earthquake planning. Thomas will bring up international grad student access to PacificSource insurance. Thomas will also ask about replacement plans for the recently departed OSU administrators. The group will meet in front of Kerr at 9:40 for a warm-up conversation.

AGEL Call – This is Thursday at 6 PM. Clint is on it. Joining them will be Mary Cathryn Ricker, AFT Executive Vice President, to discuss short- and long-term engagement with AGEL locals and grad employee members. Clint will report back on the call as usual.

Board of Trustees Meetings – The upcoming meetings are as follows: Finance & Admin Committee at 3:30 on Tuesday, May 24. All committees will meet on Thursday, June 2. The full board will meet on Friday, June 3 (unfortunately, during our bargaining session).

PDF Editor Purchase – The EC approves Angela purchasing Nitro Pro for her computer as requested. It’s on sale right now!

Meeting adjourned at 6:26 PM

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