In attendance: Stephanie Parreira, Vance Almquist, Thomas Morrill, Chris Mihiar, Kris Osterloh, Zhian Kamvar; incoming officers Dixie Daniels, Erin Abernethy; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon (last one!)

Meeting called to order at 5:04 PM

Minutes from 5-24-2016 – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member email about bargaining and EOY BBQ. (2) Approved email to stewards about CGEU Conference.

Online Tax Payment – Approved Angela paying the May federal payroll taxes online.

Hiring Update

  • Process Update: Training scheduled for June 6. All postings are up.

End-of-Year BBQ

  • Face-painting: Beulah is not available to do face-painting this time. Ashley has tried to find someone else local but isn’t getting any leads. She’ll contact some people in Eugene; the EC requests she inquire about how much more it may cost to have an out-of-towner before choosing.
  • Awards: We are fortunate to know so many dedicated long-term activists and amazing stewards, but it made these decisions tough.

Strategic Retreat – Rodolfo is unable to attend the Friday portion of the Strategic Retreat this year. The EC agrees to invite him to the Saturday evening portion. We have decided not to invite any additional AFT or AFT-OR folks this time.

VP Organizing – Brittany ended up getting an internship that will keep her out of state until at least November, so she doesn’t think it would be wise to continue her officer role. We’ll need to find a new VP for Organizing. So far the EC has thought of Spencer, Vance, Meghann. We’ll first ask Brittany if she’d like to step back into the role when she returns from AZ.


  • Update: We met last Friday and were able to TA a few letters of agreement and the health and safety article. Our only remaining scheduled session is this Friday; it looks like we’ll continue bargaining through the summer.
  • Turnout: This Friday is the last scheduled session. Officers will email all their stewards.

Board of Trustees Meeting – The quarterly meetings are happening this Thursday and Friday. Nothing on the agenda really stands out to Ashley as being exciting – especially since it overlaps with bargaining, which is much more important to CGE right now.

Meeting adjourned at 6:02 PM

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