CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2015

In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Gloria Ambrowiak, Alisha Jones, Shannon Andrews; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 6:15 PM

Minutes from 2-17-2015 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member email about summer health insurance and upcoming events. (2) Approved all-BU email about summer health insurance. (3) Approved 5 minutes for Mike from SEIU to speak before the “We Are Wisconsin” showing. (4) Approved email to Luciana about OSU Divest.

“We Are Wisconsin” Debrief – This happened last night! Turnout was moderately successful: we estimate about 40-45 people were there, about half CGE and half SEIU.

Parking/Transportation Services Meeting Debrief – Ashley met with Meredith from Transportation Services today along with several students who live in Orchard Court Family Housing. (Ashley was glad to see so much interest among this community in taking action on the issue.) The Beaver Bus is entirely funded by parking permit fees, so they don’t have much budget to expand routes. Meredith is going to talk with the people from University Housing & Dining to see if they’re interested in helping to fund an expansion. The idea also came up of having just some of the shuttle runs go to Orchard Court (eg, only a couple in the morning and the evening). We’ll await response from Meredith.

Teach-In – This is tomorrow at noon! Nikki Wiseman will speak on behalf of CGE (she met with Thomas, Ashley, and Drew today to develop an outline). Thomas emailed the Social List; there’s a post on fbook. Tomorrow, Angela will help Ashley transport things to the MU. Everyone tell your friends!

ASAP! Debt Assembly – This is next Tuesday. Shannon will confirm with Sam that Drew will speak on behalf of CGE. We aren’t yet totally sure what the agenda will look like or how long the event will run (2 fliers have 2 different times). Ashley will get more details from Sam.

Summer Health Insurance – Lizz Hardardt emailed us on the EC list to note that some grads could be better served by signing up for Oregon Health Plan coverage (Medicaid) instead of the PacificSource summer plan. It’s true that many grads could qualify financially for OHP, but Alisha notes that there’s typically a long waiting list that could result in their families not having any coverage at all. The EC agrees that introducing more complications will confuse the situation and could reduce the likelihood of everyone having coverage.

Steward Appointment – Lara Peguero is a first-year master’s student in Nuclear Engineering who’s interested in being a Steward. The EC now appoints her and will request approval at the March 30th SC.

Social Hour – Béatrice is scheduled to anchor this tomorrow at 5 PM. Gloria has offered to help anchor.

Hourly Job on Social List – An unusual post went across the Social List this weekend, advertising an hourly job (through OSU) assisting with technical writing. It may be a job that ought to be in the BU. Thomas will email Sami, who posted it, to ask for clarification and a meeting.

Meeting ended at 6:48 PM (A sub-hour meeting?!)

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