In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Shannon Andrews, Alisha Jones, Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh; Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley via intarwebs


Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

Minutes from 12-3-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – $500 to feed GTFF strikers approved by EC (and strike committee?); unclear whose jurisdiction it was, will discuss.

GTFF Update – After over a week on strike, the GTFF and UO administration have reached a tentative agreement early this morning! The new agreement includes 5% raises to minimum wages, one retroactive to the start of this school year and one for next year. It also creates a medical/family assistance fund accessible to all graduate students that will be overseen by a 7-person committee. Thomas was about to write a letter of support, but he’ll adjust it to be more of a congratulation.

Strike Solidarity Funds – After some email conversations about the intent of the Steward Council for the strike funds, the EC is in agreement that money for transportation of CGE folks to Eugene (and feeding them along the way) will come from the $2,000 approved by the SC for the SComm. The money for buying lunch for all the strikers that the EC approved ($500) will be from a separate line.

Social Hour Debrief – Drew anchored this last Friday, December 5. He’s not in town anymore, so we’ll have to ask him about it later.

Appointment Letters Issue – We haven’t heard anything back from Viki or Dave. Shannon emailed a quick reminder just now. Gloria expects to be getting a new appointment letter soon and will let us know if it looks correct.

Audit Update – We keep on truckin’ along.

Brew-Off Follow-Ups – Check (and Food) Delivery: Thomas and Shannon (and any others) will plan to take it over this Friday afternoon. Ninkasi Poster: Wes from GTFF says they’re missing a Ninkasi poster; we haven’t found it anywhere in the CGE office. Gloria will double-check her car. Pint Glass Email: Kris will write the email to the member list today saying people who attended the Brew-Off but didn’t get a glass can pick up a glass tomorrow & Friday. Shannon will send another email tomorrow saying anyone who wants to donate to LBFS can pick up a glass on Friday.

EC Meeting Next Week? – We will not have one. A couple officers will still be around to sign checks.

EC Meetings Winter Term – Officers should send their schedules (as they know them) to Ashley!

Orientations for New Winter Term Grads – We’d discussed trying to speak with grads who start after fall term. Shannon will email Brenda McComb to request information/collaboration.

Letter from OR AFL-CIO – We got a letter yesterday from Tom Chamberlain about a fundraising competition for the Knight Cancer Institute. When we received the letter, the GTFF was still on strike and Angela had a half-developed thought that we could try to use OR AFL-CIO’s desire to win the competition to get them to pressure UO. That’s not really relevant anymore (yay!), so now we need to decide if we want to donate. The EC agrees that this is not really something CGE should spend money on.

Old Email Downloads – Shannon will send herself a reminder to bring in the thumb drive to pass along to the next officer.

AFT-Oregon Convention Delegates Election – Reminder that we’ll need to mail out election announcements in early/mid-January. For the election itself, we’d like to try to get most of the nominations in prior to GMM day so we can print out ballots with most nominees already listed (with space for additional names nominated from the floor). That would make counting votes SO much easier. We’ll consider whether there are any other ways we could streamline the election process.

Online Tax Payment – The EC approves paying November’s federal payroll taxes online.

Meeting ended at 10:57 AM

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