In attendance: Ashley Bromley, Jack Day, Wren Keturi, Mindy Crandall, Lauren Atwell, Matt Loewen,
Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Shari Walton, Michelle Zellers

Meeting called to order at 1:10 PM

SEIU Hospital Workers Rally–Tomorrow 3:30PM (not 3!). We’re leaving at 3PM from Westminster.
Ashley, Wren, Michelle, Shari, and Bret will be there plus several people from the facebook invite. Braden
may also go if we have one care leave later. Follow up today to make a final plan.

Updating Bulletin Boards–We need to verify a few languages on the “our union, our voice” piece. Wren
will get the leader ready to go ASAP. We could also add the “beautiful faces” piece.

May Day Events–There’s an IWW local forming in Corvallis that Michelle has been involved with. IWW
functions now mostly as an advocacy group that cuts across trades. They’d like to organize May Day
events across campus and in the community. Planning meeting Sunday at 3:30-5PM (Wren will attend).
They’d like to have someone from CGE, AAUP, SEIU, and other unions. There may be several events
over a few days with a May Day events calendar—BBQ in Central Park, speak out tent on the quad, signs
in front of the courthouse. We want to be involved.

Member Email List–We don’t want to add authorization card signers to the members list yet (since they
aren’t officially members until ERB or OSU grant recognition), but some ‘all member’ emails should now
be sent to the card signer list as well. We’ll keep this in mind.

Wireless Password–We’re worried that sharing the password opens us up to security issues because
people could access files on our networked computers. So we’re going to change the password and be
more selective in sharing it.

Professional Development for Bret–Conference is happening on April 5. It’s a review of what’s
happening in public employment in Oregon. Bret will be going.

Spring EC Meetings—Will be scheduled for Tuesdays at 10AM.

Bargaining–We mostly felt good about the first session. The team did a nice job of outlining our interests.

Facebook Community Policy—The EC will create a policy that allows administrators (officers) to delete
posts (after warnings) that are deemed to interfere with the ability to have civil discourse on the page.

UO Faculty Organizing Campaign–They filed authorization cards with the ERB.

Email Decisions–We make a lot of decisions over email that need to be reflected in the EC minutes. We
just want to get decisions we vote on over email into the next week’s minutes. So we’ll start each meeting
with a recap of email decisions we made over the previous week.

ASOSU Proxy—Mousa (grad Senator) needs a proxy for tonight’s meeting. We’ll follow up with some
potentially interested folks.

ASOSU Elections–They’re coming up. We should try to be in contact with candidates, especially for

PCC Request—There is a petition circulating that criticizes the fact that there are a lot of CEOs and noneducators
on the Oregon Education Investment Board. David Rives is on the OEIB. The petition is
circulating through 2277. We’ll try to research the issue a bit more before we sign.

[Executive Session]

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