CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2015

In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Béatrice Moissinac, Alisha Jones, Shannon Andrews, Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh, Drew Hatlen; guest member Kevin Weitemier; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM

Minutes from 2-24-2015 Meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – Approved Ashley looking into co-hosting “The Hunting Ground” movie at OSU.

Online Tax Payment – Approved Angela paying February’s federal payroll tax online.

HR Meeting Debrief – Thomas and Ashley met yesterday with Dave Blake and Viki Dimick, to have a check-in about various things we’ve been discussing with them. On the issue of safety in cadaver labs, we were pleased to hear they’re making a lot of progress. We also talked about summer health insurance (see

Social Justice Teach-In Debrief – Last Wednesday’s teach-in was a big success: attendance exceeded the room’s capacity. It seems like there were a lot more people interested than we’d anticipated. Nikki did a great job speaking on the panel. There’s a plan to have a debrief and going-forward meeting.

ASAP! Debt Assembly Debrief – This was today! Ashley says turnout was stronger than she’d expected.

Summer Health Insurance – (1) OHP Options: Lizz emailed a correction that there isn’t a waiting list for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) anymore. However, we still feel like it would confuse things too much if we were to promote it as an alternative for summers. (2) Authority to Alter CBA: We’ve realized that, in order to formalize the new system of summer insurance deductions prorated over spring term, CGE and OSU have both basically agreed not to grieve that we’re diverging from the current CBA language (which calls for triple deduction in May). We don’t currently have a procedure for this. Decision: we will ask Spencer to work with Thomas and Ashley to draft language about the prorated deduction. Then we’ll call a Special Meeting to be held immediately before the April GMM for the membership to ratify the new language. (3) Reminder Emails: Ashley’s suggested timeline is to send personalized reminders on March 4, 17, 26, and 31 to the list from SHS of people who have not enrolled yet. We’ll also include reminder notes in any all-member emails that go out before March 31.

Fair Share Refund Deadline – The EC agrees that we will send a reminder to all non-members who have not yet requested their refunds. Shannon will draft this (language will be very similar to the January notice). Angela will create a list of email addresses. Ashley will send the email with Drew’s name on it. We’d like to get it out tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

Convention – (1) Hotel Reservations: We’re looking at a bigger housing expense this year, since we’ll be at a hotel instead of rental houses. The EC approves Ashley reserving 6 rooms and a “parlor.” The EC approves increasing the Convention budget by $1,000 (so from $5,500 to $6,500). (2) Resolutions: Kevin presented the (almost) final versions here. The EC thinks they look good. All the officers will pay attention to the EC list in order to approve the totally final versions when they come across. (3) Delegate Meeting: This will be on Thursday at 4 PM. Ashley asked Kevin to facilitate the meeting, and he agrees

AFT-OR Lobbying – (1) This Friday there is a legislative hearing in Salem to talk in opposition of the “Pay It Forward” proposal, which AFT opposes (and previous ECs have agreed CGE should not support). Kris is interested in participating if it’s in the afternoon. Unfortunately it looks like the hearing will be at 8 AM. Drew is interested in going! Ashley will check with Julia about timing. (2) Next week (maybe Monday), there is a lobbying follow-up day for grad seats on the universities’ institutional boards. Alisha is interested in participating if the timing works. (3) Julia got back to Ashley to reply that AFT-OR will reimburse members for their mileage for “small group” things like what we went to in February, but not for their big Lobby Days in April. Ashley will get AFT-OR reimbursement request forms to the drivers.

Social Hour – This Thursday at 5 at Bombs Away, immediately after the Convention delegates meeting. Gloria has a Social List email drafted to send and will post on the fb group as well.

“The Hunting Ground” Movie – Ashley has been talking with CGE member Janet Jacquier about partnering with the Women’s Center to arrange a showing of this movie about the national problem of rape on college campuses. The EC is interested in helping by co-hosting and/or supporting turnout.

Benton Food Freedom – There’s a group that’s working on a county ballot measure for spring to ban the use and research of GMOs in Benton County. One of their representatives asked Thomas to bring their information to our membership in support of the ban. The EC agrees that CGE will not advocate for this Executive Session

Staff Union – The EC agrees to voluntarily recognize the CCGEE (Coalition of Coalition of Graduate Employees Employees) as the bargaining representative for CGE staff.

Meeting ended at 7:38 PM

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