In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Thomas Morrill, Drew Hatlen, Gloria Ambrowiak, Béatrice Moissinac, Kris Osterloh; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

Minutes from 9-22-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Ed Ray meeting scheduled for November 10th at 10 AM. (2) Booted a spammer from the fb group. (3) Ashley purchased fancy dry-erase markers for the sandwich board sign. (4) Blurbs approved for Grad Connect. (5) Set EC meetings for Wednesdays at 10 AM.

BBQ Debrief – It was AWESOME! Easily 350 people, maybe up to 400. We had to buy quite a bit of extra food and beer, but it looks like we still stayed well within our budget. Everyone had a good time and the music was good. Great work, team!

Health Insurance Meeting – Turnout was better than expected. We got lots of information and the PacificSource reps were pleased with how many questions our members had.

Ed Ray Meeting – We have it scheduled for November 10th at 10 AM. Drew, Kris, Shannon, and Thomas are planning to be there.

Ratification – This Friday! The B-Team will present changes at the meeting at 3 and then voting will open. Shannon will send an all-member email today. Ashley will send personalized emails Friday morning. Voting will be open 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday the 6th – Wednesday the 8th. Gloria will repost the fb event on the group. Kris will send a Social List email from his personal address to invite people to his house.

Open House – This Friday! 3-7 PM. Officers should plan to be here the whole time if possible. We’d like to have some snacks. Up to $100 is approved, but Ashley will try to aim for $50.

Steward Council – Our first meeting of the year is next Monday the 6th at 5:30. We have some SC candidates to appoint: Heather Hill for Physics (EC appoints!); Ryan Beaston for Public Policy (EC appoints!); Hillary Fishler for Environmental Science (EC appoints!); Rebecca Budesky for Speech Comm (EC appoints!); Miram Gleiber for Integrative Biology (EC appoints!). We’ll ask the SC to approve them. There are also several new people who indicated interest on their blue cards; Ashley invited them to come see what the SC is like. We’ll have taco bar for dinner (Ashley will be in charge).

(Another) FTE Issue – The Anthropology department has told their GTAs that they won’t begin paying for the new 0.3 FTE until the new contract is ratified. This is very frustrating because it goes against our agreement with OSU to begin enforcing the terms of the contract at the beginning of the term. We’ll talk about this at the SC.

Accountability Check-In – It’s (only barely past) September, so it’s time to look at our Strategic Goals!

 Budget Review: There are a few lines that will need to be added/adjusted. We’ll review this more when we have more info.

 Family Issues Caucus: We do have a couple members interested in doing this.

 Other Stuff: We’re a little pressed for time today so we’ll check in on the rest of it next week. Everyone should plan to work on some of their goals before then!

Mary’s Peak Hike – We have this planned for this Saturday the 4th. Nikki Wiseman & Gloria will organize transportation. It’s BYOFood.

Email Archiving – Shannon downloaded her old emails. She’ll give the flash drive to Gloria next.

AFT-Oregon Presidents’ Conference – This is November 7-8 in Portland. Shannon will go as Pres; Kris and Drew will go as Other; Béatrice is willing to go if one of them cannot. There will also be an AFT-OR EC meeting that weekend, as well as a higher ed issues meeting.

AFT-Oregon Scholarships & Awards – Applications are now available. The deadline is January 31st, so we won’t worry about talking to our members about them quite yet.

AFT Intellectual Property Primer – We got a request from Chris Goff for input for a publication AFT is putting together. None of us feel like we have anything to contribute.

Brew-Off! – We need to order the pint glasses ASAP, so the EC needs to authorize an amount. We’re happy to hear that we can buy some more glasses and spend the same amount as last year. The EC approves purchasing 500 glasses.

CEOAS Meeting – Oops! We had the wrong date for the CEOAS orientation last week and missed it. The faculty we were talking with will help us organize a new meeting. Ashley guesses that 20-30 people might show up; the EC approves spending $80 for some Dream pizzas.

Office Stuff – Tim has moved Westmin’s stuff out and Ashley has cleaned the new space. It looks good!

 ADA Compliance: Tim got a quote from the door guy for installing automatic door openers on the exterior and interior doors. Parts and labor total $7,681.10. The EC approves paying for this.

 Signage: For this week, we’ll just print some quick paper signs for the interior. Thomas will begin designing a permanent sign for the upstairs office door. We’ll ask Tim for approval for a case- style sign by the exterior main door. Shannon will pick up our sandwich board sign downtown. In the future we’ll talk about a sign above the basement stairs.

 Internet: Forrest is planning to arrange the necessary cables and networking.

 Purchases: Drew will research a good laptop for the upstairs office (and meetings etc); we’ll aim for under $600. The EC approves spending no more than $100 for a door buzzer/intercom between the offices. Ashley will investigate that, as well as container options for our pint jars. The EC approves Ashley using her best judgment in shopping for some paper organizers/shelf containers. Drew feels strongly about up-lights, which sounds like volunteering to make them happen.

Online Tax Payment – Approved!

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM

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