In attendance: Braden Elliott, Forrest Parker, Michelle Marie, Eric Coker, Wren Keturi, Sydney Householder, Danny Ritter; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM


Minutes from 3-28-13 meeting – Approved (with a reminder to keep posting them online regularly).


Email Decisions – (1) Approved initial SC areas list; (2) Approved online tax payment; (3) Switched newsletter date to optimize timing of various emails.


Steward Council Elections – Areas update: Braden got some feedback and is adjusting the list. It will be used to send each member an email about upcoming nominations.


Bargaining – The non-BT EC chooses to give control of bargaining to the BT.


AFT-OR Convention

  1. Delegates – We were denied our request to convene the Credentials Committee prior to the start of Convention; however, we (and the GTFF) will be allowed to speak to the committee when it meets on Friday. Wren and Ashley will work on drafting a letter to give the committee members and then pass it along the EC list for approval. Wren will also request a letter from the AFT Western Region Director, who has verbalized support for the grad delegations being seated.
  2. Disruption – We need to decide what to do if our delegates are not seated. This is complicated and we’re making a big flowchart.
  3. Resolutions – Our resolutions as submitted were not accepted. We’ll warn the AFT-OR staff that we’ll be submitting them from the floor.
  4. Grad President?? – Daniel Holder is thinking about considering running for AFT-OR Pres! He’s going to come chat with Ashley for a while later today.
  5. Food Stuff – Ashley will meet with Matt H to plan it (with input from Danny if he wants).


New Members Issues – We’re going to use the originally crafted language for the C&B amendment proposal.

New Blue Cards – We received a suggestion for a wording update. We’ll go with what was approved in the last meeting.

Election Mailer Process – Ashley has them just about ready to go out today! She’s amazing.

Rep Meeting Recap – Happened last night. A little bit of talking about the RA Campaign success and Convention stuff. Lots of discussion about ASOSU elections.


Membership Drive – Ashley is filling up schedule spaces for visits in the next two weeks. Sign up!


GMM – We have a lot of things to do. We’re starting a list. The EC approves spending a small amount for coloring books, crayons, etc for any kids who come along with their parents.


Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM

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