In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Kris Osterloh, Shannon Andrews, Gloria Ambrowiak; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 9:50 AM

Minutes from 9-16-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Move embroidery down on beanies. (2) Postpone scheduling SLCS meeting.

TA Training Lunch Debrief – We think it went pretty well; we got 68 cards! Shannon did a good job succinctly describing CGE in her 5-minute segment. The table-visiting time was a little rushed because people were starting to leave, but many of the people we talked to were excited about CGE.

Auditor Update – CPA Larry Byers came down to meet with us after last week’s EC meeting. We’re beginning the process of getting information to him and he’ll be contacting the current and prior-year officers to ask questions about processes and internal controls. Larry will mostly be communicating with Angela, Ashley, and Drew. Officers should please be sure to respond to his inquiries promptly.

Legislative Days Recap – Thomas, Drew, Alisha, and Sean went to Salem last Wednesday to speak with some representatives about getting a grad student position on the institutional boards. Rep Buckley said we shouldn’t expect to get it in this session, but that we should continue to push for it and keep it in the legislators’ minds. AFT-OR would like to have another of these days in December when the legislature is in session.

Ratification – We’ve got a plan! Voting will open October 3rd and also run Monday the 6th through Wednesday the 8th, 9 AM – 5 PM each day. Kris will host a party at his place after voting is done. Theme: brats and pies.

All-Member Email – Ashley is going to circulate a draft including ratification announcement, health insurance sign-ups, BBQ reminder, and Brew-Off brewer solicitation.

Ed Ray Meeting – We need to get one scheduled for fall term and begin a list of what we want to talk about: the asbestos tile issue, the tuition remission issue, an alert system for safety issues (brought to our attention because of the chemicals-in-ventilation issue in Nash).

AFT-OR Bargaining Meeting – We got an invitation (on Friday) to talk with other AFT-OR locals about bargaining this Wednesday. This sounds interesting but we cannot get away in the middle of our biggest orientation week. Shannon will send our regrets.

BBQ Prep – Gloria has plans to prepare chili and potato salad. Shannon will be in charge of various cornbreads. Drew said he’ll help Gloria with the shopping on Thursday. We’ll ask Matt Housley if he’d be willing to pick up kegs at Mazama and 2 Towns; Gloria will order them. The bands: Jocko Homomorphism will play at 7 and Meatbomb will play at 8. Shannon, Gloria, and Gloria’s helpers will have cars to take things over; Kris and Angela will have cars available to help with bringing stuff back.

Next Meeting – School is starting! Officers, please send your class/work schedules to Ashley ASAP.

Blue Cards – We’re going to need new ones soon. Woohoo! Ashley will order them.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50ish?

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