CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – November 14, 2013

In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Mindy Crandall, Lizz Hardardt, Béatrice Moissinac, Araby Belcher, Shannon Andrews; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:45 AM

Minutes from 11-7-2013 Meetings – Approved
Email Decisions – Scheduled our Fall Term meeting with Ed Ray for December 2nd at 4 PM.


Steward Council Debrief – It went pretty well! Michelle Jennings did a good job chairing the meeting and seemed to enjoy it too; it was nice to have someone new take the lead. There was a lot of good conversation about the upcoming “right to work” initiatives. The stewards would like CGE to form a political action committee and continue putting educational columns in the Barometer. Ashley will follow up with Julia from AFT-OR about some training she’s offering to locals; we’d like to have it be part of the January steward council. Some ideas were brought up for resolutions for AFT-OR Convention, including immigration reform, student debt, and (the perennial) percaps. There was also some conversation about safety issues and some really egregious workload abuse.


Brew-Off Debrief – It was great! We brought in over $8,700 and we haven’t finalized expenses yet, but we expect we’ll be able to donate over $5,000! The volunteer scheduling was good and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. We never ran out of beer, thanks to the back-up kegs.


Bargaining Update – Lizz and Ashley met with admin on Tuesday. There will be an IBB training for both teams. They agreed to start at the table in February! Admin will try to get George Voss on their team, which would be great for talking about health insurance stuff.


Newsletter – Araby will finish this up ASAP, so if you want to edit anything, tell her by this afternoon!


Barometer Article – The steward council was in favor of CGE communicating in the Barometer about the upcoming “right to work” stuff. We’re hoping Sneha will be able to get a draft of this together soon.


Presidents Conference – Lizz, Thomas, Ashley, and Kevin will be going up tomorrow. Mindy nominated Lizz for the open VP position.


AFT-OR Survey – They want locals to answer a bunch of questions. Ashley will take care of it.


Shared Culture of Service – Sneha emailed her thoughts before the meeting. She doesn’t feel strongly about continuing to be part of the meetings, and we don’t want her to waste her time. However, it would be useful for CGE to be able to hear what the university is thinking about doing – and for CGE to stay “in sight, in mind” as a campus group. So we’ll ask Sneha to please go to the next meeting and we’ll assess from there what level of involvement seems appropriate.


Emails in Toolkit – We’re going to give members the opportunity to opt in to getting on the AFT and AFT-Oregon email lists, by mentioning it briefly in our all-member emails and SC/GMMs.


Meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM

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