In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Alisha Jones, Kris Osterloh, Drew Hatlen, Thomas Morrill, Gloria Ambrowiak; Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 5 PM

We start by celebrating Gloria’s birthday!

Minutes from 11-19-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved paying for Tommy’s big/downstairs room if necessary. (2) Decided on beer-for-donation and pint-glass-giveaway. (3) Approved emails re: GTFF strike solidarity to members, reps, and social lists. (4) Approved emailing David Blake re: updating language in appointment letters.

Brew-Off Debrief – CGE won! We feel like the event coordination went really well. The donation amount hasn’t quite been finalized but it will definitely exceed last year’s $5,555 and should approach our goal of $8,000. We accidentally missed a couple boxes of pint glasses in the office and forgot to take them, and a couple boxes set aside for brewers/volunteers weren’t all distributed – oops! We’d like to give them to members who came to the Brew-Off but didn’t get one, and offer to folks who didn’t come to the event that they could make a small donation to LBFS ($5 suggested) and get a glass. Kris will email the member list once Ashley is back and we have a good idea of when the office will be open.

Tailgate Debrief – We had a tailgate party for the OSU/UO Civil War football game last Saturday. Turnout was basically zero. It just wasn’t a good time for it with lots of people gone for Thanksgiving. Next year, if the social chair wants to tailgate, we’ll plan it for a non-Civil War, non-homecoming game.

Social Hour – Debrief 11/25: Only a couple people were there. Oh well – Thomas had fun! Hold one on 12/5? Yes, we think this Friday would be good. Drew will anchor it!

Audit Update – Officers have gotten their questionnaire letters from the CPAs. They are responding. Angela has sent to the CPAs all the info they’ve requested and is continuing to stay in contact with them.

Safety Committee – Kris attended their meeting on 11/19. One of the big topics was a tuberculosis outbreak in the vet school. They seem to be getting in under control. Kris brought up the issue we heard about from the instructor of an anatomy class cadaver lab. The committee basically just laughed, but one of the committee members gave Kris his business card for further contact. Thomas will also work on setting up a meeting with the instructor we heard from and David Blake.

New Appointment Letters – Shannon got an email from her department that the new appointment letter form with the current contract language is not yet available online for administrative staff to use for winter term. She emailed Dave about it Monday evening and he responded, asking Viki Dimick to look into it.

AFT Election Town Hall – Shannon called in on this AFT meeting on 11/19. She didn’t feel there was any opportunity or need for her input, so she just listened as other folks talked, mainly about anti-union efforts to eliminate agency fee and payroll deduction, and how unions can fight it and continue growing.

Bank Change Update – The membership of OSUFCU voted strongly in favor of changing the credit union from a federal charter to a state charter. The effective date of the change will be the end of business on December 31. We’ll still be able to use our current checks until our supply is gone, and we can use our current debit card until they send a replacement. The new name will be Oregon State Credit Union.

Winter School – Early registration and hotel reservations are due 12/23. Kris will draft an email to the all-member list to request submissions of one-paragraph applications, due 12/19. We’d like to send 8 people.

Emails Pending from 11/19 – (1) Alisha will email the AGEL list about the GCCUT. (2) Drew will draft an email to the member list about grad space in the library. (3) Richard was going to email the reps list to request support for the CSSA program. Drew now informs us that the program will be maintained! He and/or Richard will email the reps list anyway to update them on the situation.

Inclusivity Meeting – Drew and Thomas went to a focus group on inclusivity as part of campus culture, yesterday evening. There were discussions about what we really mean when we say “diversity” and about the way we sometimes “label” people incorrectly. Drew thinks there’s going to be a survey going out.

ASOSU Leadership – Drew mentions that the ASOSU president Taylor and VP Bryan are still interested in meeting with the EC. Shannon has invited them to EC meetings a few times but schedules haven’t worked out. If they’re unable to come to an EC meeting next term, Drew and Shannon will try to arrange a separate meeting.

GTFF Update – Their recent mediated bargaining sessions failed to lead to agreement. The GTFF went on strike yesterday and were on the picket lines again today. The mediator has called for another session tomorrow. On Monday, about 9 CGEers went down to Eugene for their rally. Today, Thomas and Kevin went to join the picket lines for a few hours. We’d like to send more CGEers tomorrow too! We’ve shared info and links to a signup form on the fb group and all our email lists.

Westminster Update – The automatic doors are being installed! Woohoo!

Executive Session

Meeting ended at 6:15 PM

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