CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2012

In attendance: Danny Ritter, Eric Coker, Sydney Householder, Forrest Parker, Michelle Marie, Braden Elliott, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 12:10 PM


Minutes from 9/19/12 meeting –  Approved


Brewers’ Shirts – Lauren and Mousa are coming up with a name for printing. It should be pretty quick to get them printed at Element Graphics here in town once they have something everyone likes.



  1. Flyers – Lauren and Danny are working on this.
  2. Bands – Psych Country Revue will be playing (Barry Walker group). Ichthyology might be in (Braden is talking with them). The Svens could play if Ichthyology can’t make it.
  3. Brewers’ Licenses – Sydney says most of them are cool with being official servers. She and Dennis will be meeting with the Odd Fellows on October 8.
  4. Pint Glasses – Lauren submitted the design and we’ll get a proof glass soon.
  5. Clean-Up Volunteers – Maybe try to get volunteers at the October 4 Rep meeting; we’ll probably need to just grab whoever’s hanging around at the end.


Campaign Update – Our AFT organizers have worked on a lit piece that’s on its way to getting printed and distributed. First fall term happy hour will be Friday, October 5. The Portland donor dinner planning group is coming up with ideas for action and for getting lots of people there (contact local and PDX unions and other interested parties).


Orientations – We’ve gotten lots of cards (although fewer than last year, which was record-breaking); have a couple sessions still to come.


Ratification – Jeri got back to Danny: they’re ready to sign. Still need list of names for signature page; Danny will call her. Bret has reserved the room in Westmin for the October 8 meeting.


AFT-OR EC Meeting – Kevin was not chosen; John Copp (president of Local 4754, UECGCC) was chosen instead.


Welcome BBQ – We had great turnout: probably over 120! Ran out of food, as usual, and were short on (real) dishes, but everyone had a good time. May have gone over the hoped-for budget on secondary shopping trips.



  1. Banner – Wren drafted something up and everyone has opinions about it. Danny is compiling feedback and we’ll get the layout and dimensions figured out soon.
  2. Bumper Stickers – Bret asked Pride Printing about their prices. Looks a little too high for our budget right now.
  3. T-Shirts – We’re still


ASOSU Thing – Danny talked with Eben about the potential ULP/grievance situation. The first step is having conversations with ASOSU, which Danny (and Wren) will be doing.


AAUP Meetings – Michelle will be able to go to these on (some) Friday afternoons.


ASA Support – Sydney and Eben met with Jeffrey last week. Bret will follow up with Eben about legal things.


Steward Elections – Braden has begun conversation with reps about defining areas. This week (probably September 27) he’ll announce the defined areas. On October 3, he’ll send out the notification of election date, number of stewards per area, opening of nominations. Nominations will be open through the GMM (on October 17); then voting will be held the next week.


Ombudspeople – Michelle and Wren met with them, got to know each other, talked about their roles and ours. Their office is a place for students to talk with a confidential third party and perhaps get advice, but it’s not an advocacy group.


Policies – Forrest will work on updating these for the EC to approve and sign.


Member Benefits – Bret has discovered that we’ll need to go and talk with people in order to secure local business benefits for our members. Danny has begun conversation with Susan Miller about national benefits.


Website: Newsletters – Bret discovered an archive of old newsletters that had been on the website. This reminds us that the Strategic Plan includes creating regular newsletters (monthly?). Eric will work on forming a communications committee.


Fall Membership Drive – This will be important. We’ll try to do office visits in week 3 (tie them in with ratification) or week 4.


Blue Membership Cards – Someone brought up a concern about the card not stating how much dues are.


Wireless Password – Someone was unhappy about our wifi password. We’ll update it to something more polite.


Tailgate – They’ve finally set the time for the Washington State game: 3 PM on October 6. Now we can plan when to tailgate! Probably start around noon. Food and drink? CGE will provide some grillables, a little bit of booze. Eric can probably bring his grill.


Pencil Fist in London – We got an email from someone in London asking to use our pencil fist on a poster about educational unions. We are okay with this. Bret will follow up.


Meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM

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