CGE General Membership Meeting
10-27-2015, 5:30 PM, Corvallis Senior Center

Welcome from Social Activities Chair Zhian Kamvar

Ratification Meeting: Paid Sick Leave impact bargaining contract. VP Bargaining Thomas Morrill and B-Team member Laura Syron introduce the new language and answer questions. Members vote by secret ballot on ratification of the contract language.

Budget Report from Secretary-Treasurer Chris Mihiar: We’re all on track with the budget that was approved June 30, with one big addition. We’ve added a line since then, for hosting the AGEL conference (more info later in the meeting!). The Executive Council’s tentative budget is $3,500. Last time we hosted in 2011, we spent around $5,100 upfront and then were reimbursed by AFT about $2,600.

Membership Report from VP Organizing Vance Almquist: We’re currently at 62% membership! We got about 300 new cards this fall through orientations and office visits.

Bargaining Platform: Thomas and B-Team member Dwight Holland introduce the platform that’s been created based on the results of the bargaining survey for the 2016 full contract negotiation. We’ll be negotiating a FAIRER contract, and these are the goals we have:

  • Family-friendly employment: Graduate school should be made accessible to those with families through access to flexible and affordable childcare and tuition and fee relief for partners and dependents seeking to further their own education.
  • Adequate and safe workspace: All graduate employees need to have access to a safe and clean office space which allows privacy for assisting students during office hours.
  • International student support: INTO tuition waivers for English language courses and SEVIS fee relief would offset the expensive arrival of international students and be a better way to welcome newcomers to our community.
  • Reliable employment: Graduate employees need advance notice of their job assignment in order to prepare for their work, and longer contracts to protect their continued funding.
  • Equitable healthcare: Graduate employees should pay for their health insurance premiums at the same rate as all other university employees, with increased benefits, automatic annual enrollment, and access to health insurance during a one-term gap in employment.
  • Real compensation: Graduate employees deserve fair compensation for their service to Oregon State University, including cost of living raises which reflect the true rate of inflation in Corvallis, a livable minimum wage, and step pay raises which account for increases in experience.

Break-Out Conversations: Each table has a conversation facilitator to take notes on discussions and ideas about the bargaining platform. Afterward, the facilitators give brief reports on their tables’ conversations. Members vote by secret ballot on approval of the bargaining platform.

Friedrichs v. CTA – Fair Share at SCOTUS: President Kris Osterloh tells us about a case that we expect the Supreme Court will decide in 2016 that could invalidate fair share for all public employee unions. With this in mind, CGE is putting together a committee to work on increasing membership.

Brew-Off: B-O Committee chair Shannon Andrews invites us all to the 6th annual Brew-Off, a homebrew competition (with brewers from CGE and GTFF) and fundraiser for Linn Benton Food Share. Doors open at 7 PM this Saturday, October 31st, and there will be a costume contest!

AGEL Conference: Later this week, CGE is hosting the annual fall conference of the Alliance of Graduate Employee Locals (all grad locals that are part of the American Federation of Teachers). Chris invites all CGE members to join in on Friday in Portland for organizing work, on Saturday in Corvallis for workshops, and to socialize with and learn from other graduate employee unionists.

Open Floor:

  • Kris is putting together a committee on field work safety.
  • External Relations Chair Clint Mattox has just started service in the ASOSU House. ASOSU needs people for the Student Incidental Fees Committee. Clint says grads should get involved.
  • Zhian co-hosts a radio show called Inspiration Dissemination. They’re looking for more grads to be guests and talk about their research.

Singing of “Solidarity Forever” to Adjourn

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