In attendance: Shannon Andrews, Thomas Morrill, Drew Hatlen, Béatrice Moissinac, Alisha Jones, Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh; Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM and ALL THE OFFICERS WERE HERE!

Minutes from 11-11-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Approved paying for tap rental and volunteer IDs for Brew-Off. (2) Approved AAUP academic freedom art/essay contest across social list; decided Alisha will send this. (3) Approved pre-sale extension through Monday & Tuesday. (4) Approved posting GRA position over social list – but now we’ve decided not to send it because it’s already gone across a lot of campus emails. (5) Approved all-member Brew-Off email that Shannon will send Friday.

Social Hour Debrief – Thomas and Béatrice anchored it and at least a few other people came.

GTFF Rally Debrief – It was pretty good! Although not loud enough. Béatrice and Kris will set up a strike committee meeting.

AGEL Call Debrief – Alisha participated in this on November 6. Many of the updates from the groups on the call were about campaigns to lower fees. They also talked a lot about Spring AGEL (in conjunction with AFT Higher Ed) and how to better schedule time for AGEL-only business.

Safety Issues Re: Cadaver Labs – Thomas and Ashley met with a grad yesterday who is responsible for teaching an undergrad cadaver lab. She’s concerned about safety because, first, she’s rather petite and often struggles with moving the cadavers with no assistance; and second, she didn’t receive any training or safety instruction for the lab (other than tips from other grads about not touching anything without gloves on). Thomas will email David Blake to ask about this. Kris will be attending today’s Safety Committee meeting (2 PM) in Stephany’s place and will bring it up if an opportunity arises.

Labor Law Conference – We will send in the registration form and a check for Béatrice and Thomas today.

CGE @ 15 Brunch – We keep getting less excited about this… Shannon will email the old people alumni to see if they still want to get together. Thomas will be available to participate.

Brew-Off – Publicity plan: Gloria, Thomas, Shannon will continue emailing as scheduled, with reminders to bring extra cash for shirts and stickers. Posters: Shannon and several other people will be artsy tonight at 6 PM.

AFT Election Town Hall – There’s a conference call tonight at 5 PM. Shannon will participate.

CSSA Letter – CSSA steward Richard Arquette has emailed us a draft of a letter he would like us to send to CGE members. We think sending this to the SC would be great, so Drew will ask Richard to email it across the reps list and encourage them to tell their departments.

OSU E-Campus GCCUT Marketing – There’s an 18-credit online graduate teaching certificate program available. We want to help get the word out because it’s a useful program (and/or it will bring money to OSU?). Drew really believes in this as a great program. Alisha will email about this to the AGEL list.

Civil War Game Tailgate – The game time still hasn’t been determined. Tailgate will happen at Kris’s house (Kris won’t be there but Thomas will anchor it). This will be all BYO. Game-watching will be at Harrison’s. Gloria will do the social-list organizing for it.

Fellowships – Shannon talked with the Director of Incoming Grad Students and Their Funding, who said that all fellows should have fees waived. Sarah and Patricia (two of the fellows we’ve been talking with) are working with Brenda McComb on this. Thomas has brought up with Dave Blake that most of these people should be in the bargaining unit, but we haven’t heard back from Dave yet. Thomas has started talking about this with Rodolfo, who is really excited to help organize.

Caucuses – International: Béatrice feels like most grads won’t participate much in a meeting if they don’t already have things to talk about. Family: Béatrice will begin organizing a lunchtime meeting for early winter term.

Office Sign – Thomas reminds us that he asked for input on a sign draft. We look at it again. The officers all approve going forward on production.

Grad Student Library Space – Drew attended a meeting about this and thinks it’s really cool. The work group is currently in an idea-gathering phase. Shannon requests standing work stations; Kris requests walls you can write on. Drew will draft an all-member email.

Social Hour – Thomas and Gloria will anchor this next Tuesday the 25th, at 5 PM.

Next Meeting – We won’t have a meeting next week (day before Thanksgiving). We will meet again December 3rd.

Meeting ended at 11:25 AM

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