Winter 2014 GMM – January 30, 2014 – Corvallis Senior Center


  1. Welcome (Mindy): Awards (Forrest – most bargaining teams; Ben Frable – most cards from office visits) and recent CGE wins (Writing Center, workplace safety, transgender healthcare coverage).
  2. Membership Update (Béatrice): Over 1,000 members – 60%!
  3. GTFF Update (Eva, David, Joe): They’re bargaining right now (wages a big topic, improving health insurance; interested to see how things change with the transition from OUS to the university institutional board). They’re happy to have UA, the faculty union, on campus. The Great Cover-Up is happening May 9.
  4. AFT-OR Convention & Resolutions (Kevin): 3 resolutions ready to send; open to more ideas.
  5. Delegate Elections (Sneha): Elections committee volunteers are Elsa Gustavson, Allison Dorko, Michelle Jennings.

    Nominees: Kalbi Zongo, Quamar Salih, Alex Cimino-Hurt, Clint Mattox, Sean McGregor, Sneha Gantla, Don Ulrich, André Habet, Shannon Andrews, Kris Osterloh, Ben Wishnek, Mousa Diabat, Adrian Gallo, Lauren Atwell, Lindsey Sequeira, Casey Waun, Lalo Guerrero, Kevin Weitemier, Alisha Jones, Max Taylor, Thomas Morrill, Forrest Parker, Béatrice Moissinac, Ben Frable, Patrick Abi Nader, Araby Belcher, Eric Coker.

  6. Dues Restructure (Sean & Thomas): Sean presented the dues committee’s proposal to lower the dues rate from 2% to 1.83%. After a LOT of discussion (and trying a voice vote and a hand-raising vote with too much difficulty counting), the amendment failed by a divide-the-room vote of 27 against to 26 for.
  7. Raffle! Some people won Brew-Off swag and a GTFF t-shirt.
  8. GCCUT (Adam Chouinard): There’s a Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching that could build grad’s CVs.
  9. Bargaining Platform (Lizz): Acknowledged B-Team members in the room.
    – Fair Compensation
    – Affordable Comprehensive Health Care
    – Comprehensive Tuition and Fee Waiver
    – Family Tuition Benefits
    – Stable Employment
    The members all support this bargaining platform.
  10. Fair Share Challenge (Mindy): There will be an arbitration in the spring.
  11. Social Stuff (Shannon): Lots of fun things coming up!

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