In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Thomas Morrill, Lizz Hardardt, Sneha Gantla, Béatrice Moissinac (late!), Araby Belcher (later!); officers-elect Gloria Ambrowiak, Kris Osterloh; guest B-Team member Michelle Jennings; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon
Meeting called to order at 8:20 AM


Minutes from 5-8-2014 Meeting – Approved.


Email Decisions – (1) Confirmed June 17 at 11 AM for next Ed Ray meeting. (2) Gave Katherine from AFT the go-ahead for time on the SC agenda.


Steward Council Debrief – We had good turnout! It was a little disappointing that many people started leaving after eating. There was a chemistry department update that a lot of grads are losing their assistantships after their first years. It seems to be a weeding-out process being used instead of stricter initial acceptance standards. It doesn’t really sound like a grievable issue, but it’s still not fair.


Great Cover-Up Debrief – We learned last week that the gnome had been stolen again at the Solidarity Fair. At Friday night’s show the UO folks kept referencing him as a “special guest” who would appear on Saturday. Then he “performed with” the Miley Cyrus cover band and Sneha stole him off the stage! He’s safely hanging out at Sneha’s house for now. All of the CGE bands did a great job!


End of Year BBQ – We’d like to invite CGE’s Cover-Up bands to play at the BBQ! We like this plan: focusing on food until 6:30; first band at 6:30; announcements at 7; second band at 7:30; something vague here; Meatbomb at 8 or 8:30 until close. For food, Ashley and Shannon are thinking about doing a lot of crockpot pork, some veggie options, and a lot of salads. We’ll need to think more about awards: we’d like to recognize a LOT of people at different levels. We still like the idea of the SC voting for Steward of the Year.


Fair Share Arbitration – This is next Wednesday at 9 AM, in the conference room at the Senior Center. Our lawyer, Mike Tedesco, came down last Friday to talk with us (Ashley, Angela, Mindy, Sneha, Thomas) about how it will probably go. Ashley and Angela will be the witnesses; we practiced answering questions and will do another practice Q&A on Friday.


Women in Policy Event – Today at 5 PM in Kearney Hall 112. We should all show up! Sneha says it will be good.


Darkside Movie Night – Tonight at 7:45ish (shows are at 8 PM). Gloria will anchor it and will make a post on the fbook group today.


Social Hour – Tomorrow at 5. Sneha will anchor it.


Computer Stuff – Forrest came in yesterday to fix stuff up – yay! The printer is now correctly connected to the network. He discovered that the power supply for the third computer was busted, so he replaced it with the one from the Z-drive computer. The EC approves Forrest acquiring a new power supply so we can begin using the Z-drive computer again (for file-servering as well as local backup).


Strategic Retreat – (1) We’d like to invite someone from the PSU campaign. Lizz will ask Mark (an AFT organizer on the campaign) to identify a couple of good candidates. (2) Béatrice will not actually be able to come to the Strategic Retreat after all.


[We take a break to sing at Thomas for his birthday.]


Bargaining Update (with Michelle) – The latest session was last Thursday. We had a few witnesses: André Habet, Lauren Visconte, and Adele Kubein. They talked about the significant workload problems in their departments. We also talked about OSU increasing health insurance premium coverage; creating a reduced tuition program for family members of employees; and implementing a (cost-shared) child care stipend program. Our next session is next Thursday, May 22, at noon. We’ve basically put all of our financial interests on the table and we’re expecting a significant, meaningful response from the admin team on the 22nd. We need to push hard for turnout to that session. We would like to have some food available but we’re a little concerned about people coming in just to grab lunch and leave. We’ll plan to have some variety of homemade snacks. Béatrice and Ashley are going to work on the turnout plan.


Meeting adjourned at 9:56 AM

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