CGE General Membership
Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2014

The regular meeting of the CGE General Membership was called to order at 6:00 PM on October 24, 2014 in Westminster by Shannon.

Open Issues

  • Membership Update & Membership Updates
    • 1064 members 62% total bargaining unit
    • Oregon Coffee & Tea + Pegasus Games
  • Tuition Remission Policy Changes and Funding (Dr. Sherm Bloomer)
    • Explanation of tuition remission
    • Backwards budgeting not working
    • Now asking departments to manage their budgets more efficiently
  • AFT-Oregon Staff Introduction (David Rives)
    • Introduction of self and AFT-Oregon staff
      • Janelle
      • Kristen
      • Julia Trist
      • Rudolfo Palmo
  • Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation Strike Authorization Update (GTFF)
    • Vote for Strike (85.7%)
    • Discussion of sticking points with the administration
    • Timeline
      • Beginning impasse on Monday (30 day cool-off)
      • Offers can still be brought to the table
      • Tuesday will release updated timeline
    • We can be a HUGE help by showing up and joining in the efforts
  • Focus Group Discussions
    • Child Care and Family Issues
      • Issues finding quality/specialty childcare
      • Beaver Beginnings only having 150 slots
      • OLV needs expanded hours and two more days available
      • Quality, affordability, and availability
      • Problematic funding model
        • Student fees are a divestment from University responsibility
      • Action: Join the Task Force!
    • CGE Advocacy for Fellows’ Issues
      • Paying full fees!
      • Action: Want to start a Fellows Caucus
    • American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Convention & Resolutions
      • Institutional Boards
        • Action:
          • More/better interaction with boards
          • Graduate Employee Representative Legislative Push
          • Tuition Remission Legislative Push
    • Notice of Appointment Issues
      • Sharing of stories
        • Notices a month late
    • Health Insurance Issues
      • Issues w/ HI administration
      • Summer Triple Deduction
      • To be added:
        • Specialized Physicals for field work
        • More education
        • More/better communication benefits
  • Brew-Off Details
    • 22nd @ Oddfellows Hall
    • Charity for Linn Benton Food Share
    • T-shirt Presale Order Deadline Today!
    • Action: Volunteer!
  • Raffle Drawing
    • Nicole & Spencer
  • Fair Share Arbitration Update
    • Won against all objections
  • Office Space Update
    • New office space and signage
    • Automatic Doors and Ramps to make it ADA Accessible
  • Budget Update
    • Changes:
      • Rent
      • Accessibility/Signage
      • Parental Subsidy Startup
      • Arbitration
    • CGE Ratification Vote
      • PASSED without opposition!
  • Open Floor
    • Casey: Climate Change Activism
    • Kevin: Fee Remissions…? Why has it taken so long?
      • Long email chain to round up
      • 29th, 2014 will be removed from account
    • Kris: Jet Skis??? Timeline???
    • Ashley: Optional Canvassing for Sara Gelser tomorrow at 10AM
    • Clint: GTFF Strike – What can we do to help?
      • Actions:
        • Show of solidarity in Eugene (Bus or Van Travel)
        • Half-Sheet Solidarity

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45PM by Shannon.

Minutes submitted by:     Drew Hatlen

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