In attendance: Forrest Parker, Wren Keturi, Braden Elliott, Danny Ritter (late!), Eric Coker (later!); Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman remotely

Meeting called to order at 2:18 PM

Minutes from 3-7-13 meetings – Approved

Impact Bargaining! – (With Eben via speakerphone.) Danny is working to put together a bargaining team. Our current mission is to send out a bargaining survey: Danny will work with Ashley to find/create it. Wren will set up a meeting with Jeri and David Blake to begin discussion. Angela will add onto the B-Team listserve a few people who expressed interest at the last rep meeting.

AFT-OR Convention – Wren and Forrest took all the registrations and resolutions to the post office yesterday. First delegate meeting is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, April 2. Second meeting is going to be the next Tuesday, April 9. Wren will email about logistics.

Recognition Party – It was great! There were a LOT of people and many were new faces. Danny’s spirit animal booth was a big success and we’ll probably have to have it at every future event. People were hungry and demanded more food than we’d planned, but we have funds to cover it from the social discretionary line.

AFT Higher Ed Recap – Sydney and Wren were super delayed, but they eventually arrived with only about an hour to spare before the conference started. The AGEL meeting was awesome. A lot of good ideas came out of it, like a “solidarity network fund” to pay for grads to help organize at other locals or for emergencies. Also, it was determined that UFGAU is hosting the AGEL campus conference, which is April 4-7. Wren, Forrest, and Eric will be on the selection committee for CGE delegates.

YELL Solidarity Symposium – This is an evening panel discussion/event in Vancouver WA, on Thursday, May 23. We’ll advertise it on the reps list.

Spring EC Meeting Schedule – Tentatively, will be 9 AM Wednesdays.

Office Stuff – EC work party at 5:30 PM on Monday the 18th.

Officer Elections – We need to send out election notices next week. Forrest and Wren will put the letter together and then we’ll have a folding party.

[Executive Session]

Online Tax Payment – Approved!

Meeting adjourned at 3:14:15 PM

Next week’s meeting as usual, then spring break week’s meeting is tentative.

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