CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2013

In attendance: Wren Keturi, Eric Coker, Braden Elliott, Michelle Marie, Danny Ritter, Sydney Householder; officers-elect Béatrice Moissinac, Thomas Morrill, Luke Fredericks, Araby Belcher; Bargaining Team rep Sneha Gantla; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:07 AM

Minutes from 6-4-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – (1) Summer EC meeting schedule. (2) Approval of BBQ flyer. (3) Poster purchase.
Bargaining Update – There were sessions last Tuesday afternoon and yesterday, both with the facilitator Julie present. Next bargaining session is Thursday at 9 AM.


Steward Council Appointments – All done!


Institutional Board Update – Wren just emailed the reps list to invite them to participate in a summer workgroup related to the topic (and the AGEL list to ask for feedback from people with experience).


Foreign Lang & Lit Update


EOY BBQ – Publicity: Eric designed a flyer, we’ll get it printed, and we’ll distribute widely. Awards: Ashley has designed/printed/framed some great certificates. Food/drink: Ashley, Sydney, Luke, and Eric will all be shopping and cooking in the next couple days.


Finance Committee – Thomas and Forrest have been communicating. Thomas will draft an all-member email to send out this afternoon.


Weekly Solidarity MiniFair – CGE was invited by Occupy Corvallis and the IWW to participate in a rather political, unfortunately named, Saturday-morning tabling collective next to the farmers’ market. We need to consider whether (1) it’s logistically possible for CGE to commit to participating regularly and (2) it’s within the scope of CGE’s mission and would be beneficial to CGE. The time requirement would be alleviated by only committing to one a month. Wren will respond to the email invitation and say we’ll participate on the first Saturday of each month.


Strategic Retreat – Happening the last weekend of June, in Lincoln City. Ashley has emailed everyone assignments for their portions of the agenda. Braden has created and shared a logistics spreadsheet.


Meeting adjourned at 11:08 AM

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