In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Sneha Gantla, Shannon Andrews, Mindy Crandall; guest members Ben Wishnek, Gloria Ambrowiak; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon
Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM


Minutes from 5-1-2014 Meeting – Approved


Email Decisions – (1) Approved SC voting reminder email. (2) Approved all-member email. (3) Clarified Steward Council election results. (4) Set Strategic Retreat for June 20-22. (5) Scheduled meeting with Tedesco for Friday, May 9, 12-2.


Bargaining Update (no B-Team here except Thomas) – We had a session last Friday, May 2. The admin team asked us to bring numbers for all our financial interests, so we talked about salary a lot. Next session is today at noon (be there!), and we’ll talk about minimum FTE, health insurance, childcare, and partner/depended tuition benefit. The following session will be Thursday, May 22, and we’re pushing the admin team to show up with real work done. We’re going to organize for turnout around that session. Also, the B-Team is meeting next week for their scheduled review of internal ground rules.


May Day Solidarity Fair – Shannon’s takeaway: “Ashley is right and everyone else who’s planning it should listen to her more.” Sneha & Ashley feel like the “Spotlights” and “Intersections” went really well, a lot better than expected. Turnout was good (considering the weather wasn’t great and the event was so long). Mindy mentioned that her small group at the GMM talked about how CGE should be more involved in the community, so she’s a little disappointed about how hard it is to get CGE members to all the community events we participate in. We have a little over $100 remaining in the budget after food purchases, so the EC approves using some as a thank-you gift for Meatbomb for all their time and effort in performing at CGE events. We’ll buy them a $50 gift card now for Cozmic Pizza (where they’ll be performing Saturday night) and another $50 for Bombs for later (EOY BBQ?).


Trivia Night Debrief – Turnout was low (only three teams) but everyone there had a fun time. For next year we’d definitely like to keep doing trivia, but we’ll need to consider which week of the term would get better turnout.


Steward Council Follow-Up – (1) Emails to elected SC: Ashley will send info about getting started (show up to Tuesday’s meeting!). (2) Emails to non-elected nominees: Ashley will email to mention all the other opportunities for getting involved, like committees and the StratRet.


AFT-OR Field Rep – Lizz and Ashley talked with Rodolfo at Convention about switching to him as our field rep, and at that time he felt concerned about his workload and stepping on Debra’s toes. He just got back to Ashley to say Debra asked him informally why CGE isn’t in his turf, and he would like to work with us. Yesterday he told Ashley that David Rives “will look into it.” Ashley suggests that all of us who are at the Cover-Up this weekend should try to meet Rodolfo and see if we like him.


Ed Ray Meeting – “Their people” offered a couple hours on June 2, but it doesn’t work for “our people.” Sneha will request a different date: DONE! “Their” Liz suggested the week of June 16 (the week after the term ends). Shannon’s schedule will be open, but Sneha is leaving June 18, so we’ll ask for June 16 or 17.


Faculty Senate – We got an email about a proposed grad student teaching policy that the faculty senate will be discussing (today at 3 PM). None of the current EC can go but Gloria has been voluntold; Ashley can go with her.


Strategic Retreat – The house we usually get is already booked! L Ashley will look for a new house that has a great big meeting room. One potential option she found has more beds but costs a little more than last year’s; the EC approves Ashley using her best judgment to find a good house that fits our budget.


Great Cover-Up – Tomorrow and Saturday! One CGE band is on Friday; Thomas’s band and Meatbomb are both on Saturday. We have a few carpools organized and hope to get pretty good turnout.


Women In Policy Gender Pay-Gap – The date has been confirmed for next Wednesday, May 14, at 5 PM (the room is not yet confirmed). Shannon will put an event on fbook on Monday.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

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