CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – October 17, 2013

In attendance: Béatrice Moissinac, Araby Belcher, Lizz Hardardt, Shannon Andrews, Thomas Morrill, Sneha Gantla; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:35 AM

Minutes from 10-10-2013 Meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – (1) Edited and approved Barometer column draft. (2) Approved Letter of Intent delivery plan and all-member email. (3) Approved all-member email draft for GMM, bargaining, and intramural sports. (4) Approved new social calendar and GMM quarter-sheet.


Steward Council Appointments – The EC appoints Kalbi Zongo as steward for Statistics and Brigid Meints as steward for Crop & Soil Science. They’ll be confirmed by the SC in the November meeting.


Softball Social Recap – Went pretty well, with lots of interest in the game and the food, although no one stayed around for the movie.


Board Game Night Recap – Went pretty well, with around 15 people playing a few different games. One person there told Shannon he’d like to help organize future game nights.


Audit Meeting Recap – Thomas, Ashley, and Angela went to Portland yesterday to meet with a CPA (Larry Byers, who was recommended to us by GTFF). His lowest cost estimate is about $6,000, although it certainly could be more if our situation ends up being complicated. Ashley mentioned (and Larry seemed to agree) that our bargaining unit increase was not effective in fiscal year 2012-13, since no one will begin paying fairshare/full dues until this month. Our very first step will be for Ashley and Thomas to call up Eben and confirm that we’ll be okay to wait for the formal audit until next summer for the 2013-14 fiscal year.


GTFF GMM Recap – Ashley and Mindy went to this last Friday and were very charming. All the GTFF folks were really excited about the Brew-Off. GTFF does a few things at their GMMs that CGE should consider for the future. We’ll talk about these more later.


Student Debt Forum – Lizz and Eric went to this last Saturday, which was hosted by AFT-OR and had about 40 people in attendance. The group came up with some action committees based on (1) helping current debt-holders and (2) reinvesting in education. The forum may convene again in the spring. Lizz felt really positive about the meeting and potential to get things accomplished.


Movember? – Sneha’s friend Ian is organizing an event in November for men’s cancer awareness (he did last year as well), and is hoping CGE can help with turnout. We’ll invite him to come to next week’s EC meeting to talk about it.


Writing Center Closure – It looks like the Graduate School is cutting funding for the Writing Center for grads. The center provides a lot of support for grads for writing style, thesis formatting, etc. Shannon emailed Dennis Bennett from the center and he’d like to meet. Shannon, Araby, and Thomas will go meet with him tomorrow at 10 AM.


Fellowships in Crop & Soil – Shannon has heard from a few of her colleagues who are on a “Provost’s Fellowship” that seems a lot like a Research Assistantship – except that it’s not represented by CGE. Shannon will talk with her office administration folks to see if she can figure out why this is happening.


GMM – This is next Thursday, October 24! Sneha invited Courtney, Dwaine, and Gloria (Courtney can’t come this time but would like to in the winter). Shannon and Ashley will plan food; Thomas will help prep. Béatrice is working on getting some lit translated. Angela will work on budget and membership updates for Thomas and Béatrice to use. There’s an agenda in the works: everyone should figure out what you’ll be talking about. PLEASE remind folks in your departments to come to this important meeting.


Letter of Intent Delivery – This is tomorrow afternoon. Ashley would really like it if more people RSVP for this! Sneha will invite campus coalition folks.


Tailgating – We’re planning to have a party next Saturday, the 26th. The game starts at 7:30 PM so we’ll think about starting at 4. Shannon will mention it on the Social List tomorrow.


Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM

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