CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – October 24, 2013

In attendance: Béatrice Moissinac, Mindy Crandall, Thomas Morrill, Sneha Gantla, Shannon Andrews, Lizz Hardardt, Araby Belcher; guest members Sean McGregor and Ian Davidson; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 11:30 AM

Minutes from 10-17-2013 Meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – (1) Decided to reimburse Abbie the standard Portland rate for driving Dennis & Joey to the airport for AGEL. (2) Approved Ashley taking 2.5 days of vacation time around Thanksgiving.


EECS Update (with Sean, salsa dancing) – A Barometer article is (likely) coming out Monday about the School head/College dean situation.


Letter of Intent Delivery – We had decent turnout. David Blake came out to speak with Lizz and ask about CGE’s plans for bargaining topics. She said the membership always places priorities on fees and health insurance. The first bargaining meeting is scheduled for November 12.


Audit Update – We learned from AFT-OR that AFT’s requirement of an outside audit is based on reaching 1,000 members – not 1,000 in the bargaining unit. This gets us off the hook for this year, so Thomas will ask at the GMM for members to participate in our internal audit.


GMM – Tonight! Food at 5:30, business at 6. Mindy has a finalized time-allotment agenda and everyone knows what they’re expected to say. We’ll also have two small prizes for the (non-EC) members who did the most orientation sessions and the most office visits. After that, Mindy will announce that we’d like to celebrate the 1,000th member with a prize for the new member and the person who brings in the card. After-party: Béatrice will anchor a table at McMenamins.
Eben – He got a new job! We’ll miss him a bunch.


“Movember” – Ian from Public Policy is working to organize some fundraising events related to men’s cancer and health awareness in November. He’d love for CGE to help mobilize people. We suggest he post on the fbook group and/or the Social List, and he might be able to come to the GMM and mention it in the open-floor time.


PSU Grads – Sarah Burke emailed to ask about meeting with us on the Saturday of the Brew-Off. Not great timing, but we’d love to see them at the Brew-Off and could maybe meet on Sunday. Ashley suggested that we could meet with them the next weekend, which is the…


Presidents Conference – Ashley will register herself along with Lizz and Thomas.


Winter School – Dave Cecil asked Ashley to present a workshop about consensus. This is sweet! Mindy would love to suggest the topics of organizing and social stuff.


Campus Equity Week – We don’t have the time or interest to do much for this, but we’ll post something on the fbook group.


Trivia Night – It’s coming up soon: Tuesday, November 5! YG is the social committee member tasked with working on this, so Shannon will remind him. We’d like to set up some guidelines for organizing the questions. The people writing the questions need to be sure they pre-test them with someone outside to be sure they’re clear and have clear answers. They also need to expect some (hopefully good-natured) heckling from the crowd. We like the idea of having a Game Master to be the neutral arbiter of answers.


Tailgating – This Saturday starting at 4 PM. There will be some food and games!


Writing Center Update – The schedules didn’t work out for a meeting, so Shannon will try later.


Barometer Article – Araby’s CGE article is in today’s issue!


Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM

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