CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2012

In attendance: Braden Elliott, Eric Coker, Forrest Parker, Danny Ritter, Wren Keturi, Sydney Householder, Lauren Atwell, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley

Meeting called to order at 4:10 PM

Minutes from 9/12/12 meeting – Approved

Brew Crew Shirts – Brew Station already uses “Brew Crew” for their staff. Maybe we’ll go with “Homebrew Hero”? (Braden would like to use the song “Jukebox Hero” updated to fit this.) We’re coming up with a list of who will need shirts.

Brew-Off – Pint glasses: Lauren has sent in the design, hoping to get a proof soon. We need to decide on how many to order, considering that the more we buy, the less we can donate. EC decides to spend up to $1,350. Flyers: Danny is the go-between for his designing friend and the Brew-Off committee. We’ll want flyers ready at the GMM (October 17), so printing and distributing them the week before. Bands: Braden is talking to his band; Ashley is talking to her band.

Fall Term EC Meetings – Let’s try Tuesdays 12 – 2.

Campaign Update

Contract Ratification – We will hold the meeting at 12:15 on Monday, October 8, here at Westm.

AFT-OR EC Replacement – We’re going to Salem for the EC meeting this Saturday the 22nd. This meeting starts at 8 AM; we’re going to work on carpools.

Feexpert – Wren is meeting to talk about it. She’ll also follow up with Mousa on SIFC.

SWAG – CGE pens have been ordered ($150)! Planners: Wren talked with K-Dug: his printing group might be able to get us a discount if we put a small advertisement in. We are OK with this! Bret and Danny are working on design stuff. Banner: We like the Recognize All banner as a good place to start; Wren will work on design. Buttons: We’ll try to make a batch for the BBQ. We’ll order 200 each of the bottle opener sets and the magnet sets (this is $108). Stickers: Bret will ask Pride Printing if they can make bumper stickers.

Voter Registration Push – Wren will follow up.

Local Office Candidate – Wren will follow up.

ASOSU Employment Update

ASOSU Reps – A couple of the representatives from CGE are struggling to find time to stay involved. They’ll figure it out.

ASA Support – Wren talked with Eben. He doesn’t think there’s a legal reason why CGE couldn’t sign on as a co-complainant. However, he brought up the question of whether CGE would be expected to contribute finances. Sydney’s understanding is that this is meant to be a “solidarity sign-on” with no

financial obligations; she believes there’s an attorney working pro bono. Wren will try to set up a meeting next week at a time when Eben is here. [On a related note, Danny brings up that CGE’s office is not accessible. We’re cognizant of it and certainly willing to meet people upstairs; Bret will get started on signage to indicate this.]

SEIU – Gloria O’Brien was re-elected.

AFT-OR – Several people from AFT-OR requested time on our GMM agenda. Our agenda is too busy this time! Wren will let them know.

Parents and Parking Lottery – Someone suggested that we set aside some of our allocated permits for members who are parents. We have opinions on this and will talk about it more for next year.

Matriculation Fee – OSU is having trouble not applying the fee; the biggest problem is that it’s charged out of people’s financial aid payments. They need to do the waivers before they do the financial aid, but they haven’t yet figured out how to do that. Bret will talk to Jeri and Danny will talk with Brenda to see what they can do to alert grad assistants in advance and FIX the problem. Bret will post on the website; Wren will post about it on fbook.

AAUP Meetings – These are on Fridays at 2:30. Sydney went to the last one: it was mostly about planning for “the state thing” (a conference?). One interesting thing that came up is moving teacher evaluations to a different time in the term and a different method. Something that Bret remembers from last year’s faculty senate meetings is a really flexible, online evaluation method a faculty member talked about. (Might be the same person!)

Winter and Spring GMMs – The Senior Center is really busy! It’s hard to get reservations. We’ll try to do 4th-week Wednesdays.

Stewards Elections – We really need to determine what the districts are (departments, schools, etc) that will have Stewards, find candidates, then elect Stewards. Ashley???!! Braden is preparing to have a conversation with Ashley & Bret to get this figured out.

Ed Ray Meeting – We need to get this set up soon.

Sports Stuff – Sydney would like to ask members if they’re interested in joining CGE intramural teams, in particular a bowling league. We’ll add this to the upcoming all-member email.

Tailgate Thingy – We’ve planned this for October 6, but we don’t know when yet. The game hasn’t been scheduled yet. Bret will figure out how to get a spot reserved.

Welcome Back BBQ – This Friday at 6 PM! We have some tasty homebrews all set. Bret will email Tim or Rae to be sure we can use the kitchen and dishes. Danny and Sydney will do a shopping trip tomorrow. The EC has decided to (try to) cap the spending at $500.

[Executive Session]

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

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