CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – June 19, 2013

In attendance: Sydney Householder, Forrest Parker, Michelle Marie; officers-elect Thomas Morrill, Lizz Hardardt, Araby Belcher; Bargaining Team rep Sneha Gantla; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Alas, Eric was in Portland and unable to enjoy the beverages we acquired for his birthday.


Meeting begun at 3:05 PM, but no quorum

Minutes from 6-11-13 meeting – (no quorum)
Email Decisions – Summer EC meeting schedule: 3 PM Wednesdays.
Bargaining Update – Latest session was last Thursday the 13th. The admin team is unable to meet again until mid-July.


Finance Committee – Will be meeting tomorrow at 5 PM. We’ll report back at next week’s meeting.


BBQ Recap – It went well. Food was great! The music from Meatbomb was a lot of fun.


Westminster Summer Schedule – Reduced staffing means we’ll need to plan on the external doors being locked all the time.


Vacation for Ashley – She’s interested in possibly taking time off between the Strategic Retreat and the re-start of bargaining. She’ll email the EC list with info so they can make a decision soon.


Summer Trainings/Conferences – We need to decide (at the latest by this time next week) about whether we’ll send people to the Northwest Leadership Forum and/or the CGEU in Iowa. We can’t make this decision without quorum. Ashley will email the reps to ask who’s interested and available, to try and get feedback so the EC can work on how much funding to allocate. We’re going to punt this to an email decision to take place after the budget committee meeting tomorrow.


Meeting ended at 4:05 PM

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