CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – June 26, 2013

In attendance: Eric Coker, Wren Keturi, Forrest Parker, Michelle Marie, Danny Ritter, Sydney Householder; incoming officers Béatrice Moissinac, Thomas Morrill, Mindy Crandall, Lizz Hardardt; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3 PM

Minutes from 6-11-13 and 6-18-13 meetings – Approved
Email Decisions – Ashley can take vacation next week using some accrued hours, some comp time, and a couple days of unpaid leave to finish it off. We’ll leave it to her discretion whether she wants to skype in for meetings while she’s gone.
Foreign Lang/Lit Update


Finance Committee – The upcoming year’s budget was put together at the meeting last Thursday. The committee has recommended an update to the current budget to help balance the upcoming year’s. The EC approves allocating an additional $3,000 to 2012-13’s carryover expense to go into 2013-14 (this can be taken from 2012-13’s unused arbitration line). The EC approves this budget for 2013-14.


Conference/Trainings – We have not gotten interest from reps for either CGEU in Iowa or the AFT NW Leadership Forum. Lizz is going to NWLF (and maybe Danny too). Lizz might be able to go to CGEU. Ashley needs to hear by *Friday morning* so she can get people registered by the deadline.


Ed Ray Summer Meeting – Wren hasn’t heard back yet.


Strategic Retreat – This weekend! We have driving schedules and meeting agendas planned up. Ashley & Sydney will be shopping tomorrow.


CGE & “Left Bank” – Wren has been talking with some of the organizers. We’ll have a table there on July 6; Wren will do this first one and the new EC will find other volunteers for upcoming months. (They’ll be holding the tabling on the first and third Saturdays of the next few months, and we’ll be there the first Saturdays.)


Institutional Board Update – Wren was contacted by one member (Dennis) who’s interested in being involved. They’ll meet soon to talk about CGE’s stance and involvement in it. The new EC will need to start participating in the discussion because Wren’s leaving in a few weeks. Mindy is definitely interested.


Request from SEIU – Ashley got a message from Shari about workers at a Portland company who are standing up to wage cuts and trouble with negotiations. We’re happy to support them and will suggest she post it on our fbook group and social list.


Meeting ended at 4:05 PM

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