CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2012

In attendance: Sydney Householder, Eric Coker, Braden Elliott, Forrest Parker, Wren Keturi, Danny Ritter; Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon; Eben Pullman, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke

Meeting called to order at 12:38 PM

from 10-30-12 and 11-6-12 meetings – Approved

Email Decisions
– LBFS donation drop-off!

Unit Clarification –
Eben says “Good work!” on the Portland rally. There’s an OC meeting (currently) scheduled for noon on November 28th. This might get moved to evening if they can make it work. Ashley’s campaign update lit is printed and ready to go. Sarah’s putting together campaign videos. Wren spoke with Emily Plec (on the Oregon Board of Higher Ed; former AFT-OR EC member) about going through the Board to put pressure on Ed Ray. Emily will probably be at the AFT-OR Presidents Conference so we can talk more then. Civil War press: The organizers are looking into getting an ad and an editorial (and a Brew-Off story?) in the Civil War issue of the Barometer, as well as something similar in the Gazette-Times. There’s also a possibility of getting ad space in the MU: it would be free but it would have to go through a registered student group. We’re going to propose that CGE could spend up to $400 for cost-sharing ads and OC meeting with AFT-OR.


Brew-Off Press – Today we went over to LBFS with a check for $3,383.97 (and 300 lb of food)! We want to get some stories out about our donation! We’d like to wait briefly to make this fit with our Civil War press.


Grad School Follow-Up – Danny did not yet follow up with Brenda about the things we talked about last week. One thing we heard this week was an email from Brenda about e-campus tuition: “Many of you have been asking if we will continue the pilot program to allow Ecampus courses to count toward full time status which includes tuition remission. Sabah has decided to continue this program but reassess financial impacts to the institution annually. I am suggesting that we reassess at the end of this academic year (Spring 2013), and decide at that time to continue or not.” We’re concerned that the Grad School didn’t talk to us about this, and that it seems like now they could remove the coverage at will.


Public Health Issue – Danny and Bret met with the GTA who told us about her assistantship being terminated. She’s worried about repercussions from filing a grievance. She’s meeting with her advisor tomorrow, then will let Danny know what she wants to do next.


Safety Position – Looks like the Safety Committee meets monthly. We’ll put out a call for volunteers.


Translating Documents – Wren is going to contact a few people who’ve said they’re interested.


Steward Council Review – Braden got a few people to sign up for the spring election committee.


Audit Committee – Met on Saturday. Important thing to talk about now: should the RA Campaign be considered chargeable? (1) Our audit guidelines from AFT say “organizing outside the unit is nonchargeable.” (2) Eben and AFT-OR treat the campaign as chargeable because it impacts our BU. Forrest will pass along this information to the audit committee for them to determine.


Trivia Night – Tonight! Danny will pick up a few snacks and beer. Wren and Sydney have written lots of great questions.


Presidents Conference – Leaving this Friday afternoon for the EC meeting, then conference Saturday.


Holiday Schedule – Lots of people will be gone in December. We’ll try to have a couple video chat meetings, tentatively scheduled for the 11th and 18th at noon PST.


Rally Reimbursement – The EC approves of spending $50 to reimburse Mousa Diabat and Christopher (?) for their driving to Portland so more people could be at the rally.


Check Ordering – The EC approves of Angela buying more checks.

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 PM

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