CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2013

 In attendance: Danny Ritter, Sydney Householder, Michelle Marie, Wren Keturi, Braden Elliott, Eric Coker, Forrest Parker; Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke, Eben via phone Meeting called to order at 2:05 PM

Minutes from 2-14-12 meetings – Approved

Email Decisions – None this week. DHE Issue – Danny has expressed that he’ll support in a grievance or as a representative, but it sounds like the affected GTA doesn’t want to pursue this anymore.

Danny Met With Jeri – They still disagree on the ASOSU issue and will probably move to a next step. She would like to make changes for working on some kinds of grievances; for unit clarification in particular, having a more neutral party – not HR – responsible. They also talked about impact bargaining.

Campaign Update Steward Council Meeting – Tonight! Here at Westmin. Braden has an agenda all planned out. One of the items is to allow space for a (complicated) discussion on CGE endorsing one of our member-activists in their campaign for ASOSU president. Braden will talk to Clodfelters after this meeting to make sure it will be okay to have our after-meeting there.

Trivia Night – Next Tuesday at the Senior Center. We’ll get some snacks and drinks.

AFT-OR Convention – We’ll talk about resolutions tonight at the rep meeting. We’re planning a delegates meeting for late March to introduce people to Convention stuff, and another closer to the date to finalize carpools and logistics. We’re facing a difficult decision on which non-delegates we can take along (eg, nominees who weren’t elected, family members); we’ll work on this decision more later.

Alta Gracia – Had the film showing last week and there was some good discussion afterward. A group dropped off a lot of letters to the CFO the next day.

AGEL Salary Survey – The AGEL wiki needs to be updated. Danny will put up OSU’s numbers.

AGEL Conference – This is happening in Florida in April. AFT will pay for two CGE members to travel and attend. Wren will advertise it to the members after the RA Campaign wraps up.

Labor Notes Conference – This is in Portland the same weekend as Convention. We’ll advertise it to members. Next week we’ll have cost information so we can decide what kind of potential budget to approve. Labor Notes also puts out a news magazine that we can subscribe to as a member benefit. The officers approve of Angela facilitating this subscription.

Office Updates – The officers approve of spending a little money so Forrest can hook up all the computers properly. Meeting adjourned at 3:55 PM

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