CGE Executive Council – November 20, 2012

Upstairs in Westmin’s big room

In attendance: Wren Keturi, Eric Coker, Sydney Householder, Danny Ritter, Forrest Parker, Michelle Marie; Daniel Holder; Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon, Sarah Burke, Eben Pullman (remotely)

Meeting called to order at 12 PM

Flood – Storm water came up in the basement Monday morning and got our floor soaked. Tim has gotten started on the process of getting the floor replaced. We’ll need to get all our stuff boxed up so the restoration crew can remove everything and fix it. We’ll work on this some today and tomorrow. Tim says we should be able to set up office (and storage) in the student lounge for a while; he can get a lock installed.

Minutes from 11/13 Meeting – Were not printed; see above. We’ll try for next week.

Email Decisions – RA campaign ads! Authorized payments of $490 for ads in a few places.

Campaign Update – with Eben on speakerphone
1. OC meeting next Wednesday the 28th, 6 PM at the Senior Center. Organizers and OC will start to plan for new assessments and reaching people who have been identified as not yet reached.
2. Civil War Campaign ads! Up in the MU now, will be in Baro tomorrow, online for the GT Thursday.
3. AFT-OR was not willing to share cost on the civil war campaign ads. We have some concerns about their future assistance.
4. At the Presidents Conference, Shannon Brett (AFT-OR Director of Political and Legislative Affairs) told Wren and Sydney that the legislative avenue toward recognition (ie, reopening and amending PECBA) is very unlikely. Sydney felt that Shannon was dismissing the option out of hand and wouldn’t talk about it.

Presidents Conference – Was last Friday and Saturday.
1. Schwarz is retiring. We hope Katie Stofer can be on the hiring committee for the new director.
2. There was a talk from an “amazing organizer” from the Chicago Teachers Union strike. Sydney learned a lot from him about organizing and how strikes work.
3. There were some (potential) ballot measure discussions. The big one was to ban automatic dues/fees deductions (as recently seen in Wisconsin and California). This would be very bad for CGE, and definitely something we’d want to take action on.
4. Another potential measure discussed was an enrollment cap at OSU. This would be something the city of Corvallis brought to the legislature. We’re not sure how CGE would “feel” about it.

Grad School Follow-Up – Danny’s working on language regarding the ASOSU thing. For the Public Health issue, he’s trying to meet with relevant leadership from the department, but someone cancelled today’s meeting. He’ll call them and try to get it to happen anyway because it’s really important to get this conversation rolling.

Audit Committee – They’ll be finishing their calculations and report very soon.

Trivia Night Recap – There’s some debate about whether it went well or not, because it got sort of contentious. It was, indeed, a gathering of opinionated people who like to drink gin and argue.

Upcoming EC Meetings – Regular meetings 11/27 and 12/4. Then online meetings 12/11 and 12/18. No meeting 12/25 or 1/1. For next week, we’ll try to get started on scheduling Winter Term meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM

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