CGE General Membership Meeting

Winter Term, 01/30/13

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Meeting Agenda (50 in attendance)


Convention Resolutions/Committee

–   Each year, CGE submits resolutions to AFT-OR regarding our priorities and the priorities of the labor movement.  We need input on these resolutions!

–   Ideas for convention resolutions

  • Resolution supporting the proposed ban of pesticides on government property
    • Does it include an exemption for research stations/centers on state land?
    • Does it ban organo-phosphate pesticides or all pesticides in general?
  • Resolutions which failed last year for procedural issues in submission
  • If you have an idea for a resolution, please email Wren Keturi at
    • Resolutions for amending the AFT-OR Constitution and Bylaws must be submitted to AFT-OR by February 11
    • All other resolutions must be submitted to AFT-OR by March 13

–   Convention Committee Call


Elections Committee

–   Mousa, Rebecca, Alex


Delegate nominations

–   The American Federation of Teachers of Oregon is hosting their annual convention this Spring.  The convention is the highest governing body of AFT-OR, and CGE must elect 17 delegates to send to convention this year.

–   Nominees

  • Stacey F.
  • Braden E.
  • Thomas M.
  • Kristine O.
  • Matt L.
  • Joey H.
  • Mindy C.
  • Kevin W.
  • Sean M.
  • Marianna A.
  • Forrest P.
  • Lizz H.
  • Danny R.
  • Daniel H.
  • Elsa G.
  • Don U.
  • Jehan J.
  • Eric C.
  • Araby B.
  • Sydney H.
  • Lauren A.
  • Beatrice M.
  • Lucas F.
  • Michael O.


RA Campaign/GOTV

–   The Oregon Employment Relations Board ruled that GRAs are public employees and thus eligible to choose unionization!  In the coming weeks, GRAs will decide whether or not they want to be represented by CGE through an election.

  • Ballots sent from the ERB on February 21
  • Must be received back by the ERB by March 7

–   Home visits – call for volunteers!


Delegate Elections


Communications Committee

–   Update on recent activity and call for volunteers.

–   Proposed name: The Rabblerouser

–   If you are interested in being on this committee, please email Eric Coker at


Constitution Committee

–   Update on recent activity and call for volunteers.

–   Ideas for changes

  • Push back date for transfer of power to new EC

–   Changes will be voted on at Spring GMM

–   If you are interested in being on this committee, please email ??? at ???



Hiring Committee Update

–   We’re hiring a new organizer!  The hiring committee has made final recommendations to the executive council.

–   The hiring committee has recommended to the EC that an offer be made to Ashley Bromley


Brew-Off Committee

–   Planning for CGE’s Annual Civil War Brew-Off is beginning.  Volunteer to be a part of CGE’s biggest event!

–   If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please email Sydney Householder at



–   CGE has allocated some budgetary allowance for caucuses.  Have an idea for a caucus you’d like the start?  We’re interested in helping!

–   If you have an idea for a caucus, email Braden Elliot at


Word from our sisters & brothers at GTFF

–   Our sister local from the University of Oregon is here to visit!

–   GTFF is hosting a roller derby night on Saturday Feb 9 in Eugene

  • Email Amber Cooper at for more information
  • Tickets are between $8 and $10 dollars

–   Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood on March 1 at Cowfish in Eugene

–   GTFF is gathering signatures for the League of Educators and Students Slashing Tuition (LessT) calling U of O and the OUS board to freeze the rising increase in tuition costs

–   Email GTFF events over social list


Member Benefits

–   CGE and AFT members have access to a wide variety of benefits!

–   To get your AFT-OR membership number, email

–   CGE has t-shirts, planners, pens, and other swag available for free for members!  Come get yours today from the CGE office in the Westminster building, across the street from the Brew Station on Monroe!


Trivia Night

–   This event will be held on February 26th!  Come as a free agent or form your own team.  Snacks and drinks provided!


Delegate Election Results

–   Danny R.

–   Sean M.

–   Braden E.

–   Daniel H.

–   Matt L.

–   Beatrice M.

–   Kevin W.

–   Mindy C.

–   Eric C.

–   Marianna A.

–   Stacey F.

–   Sydney H.

–   Jehan J.

–   Lauren A.

–   Thomas M.

–   Forrest P.

–   Don U.

–   Lizz H. (Alternate)

–   Joey H. (Alternate)


Open Floor

–   Alta Gracia Petition

–   Wear the Square

  • ASOSU is spearheading the protest against rising costs of tuition on the OSU campus
  • If you would like to participate, simply pin a small red square to your attire to show your support

–   The Great Cover-up

  • GTFF hosts a cover band night in early May in Eugene
  • Bring a can of food
  • Last year, only one band from OSU played
    • Braden Elliot would like to organize a band to play
    • If you have musical talent and would like to part of one of the fabulous bands playing that night, email Braden at

–   Member Update

  • We have almost 60% membership!!!!

–   ASOSU has a continual need to have input from graduate students!

  • Have your voice heard by attending open forums or running for student government!  There are seats in both the house and the senate reserved especially for graduates!

–   Radio Interviews

  • KBBR is looking for graduate students who want to talk about their research

–   The EC meets every week on Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm this term.  These meetings are open to all members.  If you are interested in seeing what happens behind the scenes to keep CGE going, come join us.  Meetings are held in the CGE office in the Westminster building.

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