In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Shannon Andrews, Gloria Ambrowiak, Drew Hatlen; Ashley Bromley,

Angela McClendon


Meeting called to order at 9:50 AM

Minutes from 8-21-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – Moved Steward Council meetings to Mondays so we can still use the McLean Room.

Auditor Update – Drew will confirm with Byers that we’d like to meet next Tuesday the 9th, at 11 AM.

Lunch with Grad School Dean – The EC lunched with Brenda McComb on Thursday the 21st. One important thing they talked about was orientations for grads who start in winter or spring term. This is something we’re definitely all interested in. The Grad School is hiring another GRA with the aim of creating a grad student resource center in the MU.

AFT-OR Meeting – All the AFT-OR staff met here yesterday with Shannon, Thomas, and Ashley. They asked about what CGE has been doing, what’s coming up for us, and how we can improve our relationship (ie, how they can help us with what we’re doing and how CGE can help with what they’re doing).

Health Insurance Orientation – Rachel at SHS wants to have a 2-hour meeting on September 22nd for an introduction to the new PacificSource plan. We feel like this is too long for an insurance meeting. We’ll ask for a 3 PM start time and a 1-hour limit.

Grad School Orientation Session – This is at 11:40 on Monday the 15th. Our panel title will be “Coalition of Graduate Employees: Contract, Care, and Community.” Thomas, Kris, and Shannon are all interested in participating, and Ashley will ask Hailey if she’d like to be on the panel as the insurance expert. (If not, we have a couple other folks in mind to ask.)

Orientation Lit – Ashley has put together the fall term events calendar. She’s working on other pieces about insurance and the contract.

Septembeerfest ExplOregon – Gloria will publicize a low-key, “meet us there!” event.

Organizer Training – This is tomorrow! Béatrice and Ashley have put together an agenda. The training will be here tomorrow, 4-6, with a gathering afterward where CGE will buy some pizza and beer. Drew will head to McMenamins a little before 6 to put in an order and get a couple tables.

Orientation Sign-Ups – Officers should sign up for shifts. Ashley might pester you a little.

Flag – Approved. Ashley will proceed with ordering, including a stand.

T-Shirts – They’re ready to be picked up! Thomas will go get them after the meeting.

BBQ! – We have Maple Grove shelter reserved for Friday the 26th. Music: we’ve invited Meatbomb, who will confirm soon, Thomas is checking to see if Charles is available, and Gloria will ask Define Girlfriends if they’re interested [update: they’re no longer together]. Menu: Drew’s suggestion of frito pie is well received. Drawings: we’d like to give away a couple of Bombs gift certificates and an Alta Gracia shirt from the Beaver Store.

Community Rummage Sale – We’ll be hosting this at the Westm parking lot, from 9 to 2 on Saturday the 13th. Gloria has gotten a lot of interest from members in selling their stuff. We’ll advertise on the fb group, on craigslist, and with posters.

All-Member Email – Ashley is almost ready to send an email about (1) the asbestos issue, (2) the BBQ, and (3) the rummage sale.

Microbiology Steward – Nerissa Fisher is interested. The EC now appoints her, and will ask the SC to approve at the October meeting.

AGEL – This will be in Michigan the third weekend of October. We need to think about who we can send! Ashley is very interested in going as part of her professional development. AFT will pay for 2 of our members to go. If more than 2 members want to go, we might like to use some leadership training funds, since it’s a great place for training and solidarity-building. We’ll add this to the all-member email and request interest letters by September 23rd.

Legislative Stuff – AFT-OR has set up some time on Wednesday the 17th to meet with a couple legislators (Peter Buckley and Val Hoyle) who have been identified as potential candidates to present “grads on boards” proposal. We’d also like to inform our members of an opportunity to canvass in support of Sara Gelser, probably in late October.

Tuition Waiver & Minimum FTE Issues – We received an email from someone whose department is saying the newly bargained minimum FTE changes to the CGE contract are the reason they can’t give as many tuition waivers. Thomas will draft a letter to Dave Blake and Susan Shaw about what we’ve heard and what we need to know from them. We’d like to set up some meetings to talk about it with them, a few CGE leaders, and affected department heads. On a similar but (probably) separate topic, Shannon will schedule a meeting on the 15th with Sherm about tuition remission policy enforcement and Ashley will email him.

Next Meetings – We’ll plan to meet at 9:30 on Monday the 8th, and Tuesdays the 16th and 23rd.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

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