CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2012

In attendance: Michelle Marie, Forrest Parker, Danny Ritter, Wren Keturi, Braden Elliott, Eric Coker; Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke, Eben Pullman

Meeting called to order at 11:55 AM

from 11-27-12 meeting – Approved, with one name correction

Email Decisions
– Agreed to make a gift basket for our awesome volunteer Daniel Holder.

Campaign Update
– Eben feels that the OC meeting last Wednesday went really well. Next the organizers and OC are going to work on assessing new people and getting new members to sign onto the “vote yes” petition. There will be an office visit blitz in the first few weeks of Winter Term – everyone should sign up for a shift or two!

“President and Mrs Edward J Ray’s Winter Coffee” Chat
– Eric, Sydney, and several other members were there in CGE gear. Eric says it was very crowded, but they probably were noticed.

Grad School Follow-Up
– Brenda and Danny haven’t been able to meet this week about the ASOSU grievance.

Public Health Issue
– Danny met with some department people and Jeri about this grievance. The situation is pretty complicated and negative. Jeri seemed to learn a lot at the meeting. We’re hoping the grad’s appointment will be renewed.

Fair Share Notification
– We can’t get to our printer in the basement. Any other means of printing is going to cost a little more, but we need to get it done.

Office Stuff
– We are not allowed in the basement right now because of yucky things.

CLC Meeting
– Tomorrow’s meeting will be attended by Daniel Holder. Hooray, someone is going! Michelle suggests formalizing the role (External Relations Liaison? Co-Chair?) so he can reference it on his resume.

– We need to mail out notification of delegate elections by January 12. January 27 is the GMM where they’ll be elected. We’ll also brainstorm resolutions at the GMM.

– Wren wants to make a CGE “Dashing Radicals” calendar. Ashley’s excited about the idea. Michelle has some reservations.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM

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