CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – November 27, 2012

In attendance: Braden Elliott, Wren Keturi, Danny Ritter, Sydney Householder, Michelle Marie, Eric Coker, Forrest Parker; Angela McClendon, Sarah Burke

Meeting called to order at 12:10 PM

Minutes from 11-13-12 and 11-20-12 meetings – Approved

Email Decisions – None this week

Campaign Update – There’s an OC meeting tomorrow at 6 PM at the Senior Center. Shannon Brett from AFT-OR will be there. This is an important meeting for everyone to attend if you’re able; just RSVP to Sarah. The organizers will be talking tomorrow about planning a new round of assessments. Braden will be emailing all the Reps to remind them that we’d love to see them at the OC meeting. Daniel Holder and Sarah did a great job putting together the campaign videos – they’re online and awesome!

Office Situation – Still stinks. The restoration company is busy tearing stuff up. We’ll probably be upstairs at least into next week.


Grad School Follow-Up – Danny filed the ASOSU grievance yesterday and Jeri got back to him immediately. They probably won’t be able to meet about it until Winter Term.


Public Health Issue – Danny has a grievance ready to be filed for it; today and tomorrow he’ll be meeting with several relevant people.


Hiring Committee – Wren, Danny, Braden, Forrest, Dennis, and Mindy have convened to discuss and thoroughly plan the hiring process. They’ll be reviewing candidates soon; next week they’ll make the first cut and then phone interview the first round. After a second cut, they’ll ask candidates to come to Corvallis for an in-person interview in the first week of Winter Term. Important: the EC authorizes using funds for travel costs. Angela will get all the applications anonymized and emailed to the committee.


Audit Committee – Our new fair share rate has been calculated; due to the RA campaign, it is lower than in previous years. The committee has finished their report and it will be signed and sent out soon. Forrest will try to get our big printer downstairs working with our computers upstairs.


Communications Committee – Eric convened a meeting! with Occupy Thomas and Charles __, and they’ll have another meeting later. Discussed CGE newsletter: there was zero support for a formal newsletter. Cons: cost and waste of printing, redundancy, relevance to current demographic. Pros: active engagement with members. They brainstormed a monthly “CGE cliffs notes” email with images and links to further text on the website. The EC loves this idea.


Brew-Off Debrief Meeting – They met last night to discuss things that worked well and things that need some help. A big idea from the meeting was to create a Brew-Off Committee at the Winter GMM to work on it from Jan/Feb through Oct/Nov. Other ideas: need security at ALL doors, need to improve ID check; having a committee chair who’s separate from the EC; updating pricing structure.


Alta Gracia – They just had a big labor conference in Seattle. We haven’t really been in contact, although Eric can try reconnecting. We’re especially interested in any actions happening around Corvallis.


Next Meetings – December 4th will be a normal meeting here at Westm. Then December 11th and 18th will be google hangout meetings at 12 PST.


Meeting adjourned at 1:20 PM

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