In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Sneha Gantla, Shannon Andrews, Lizz Hardardt on the phone; Alisha Jones, Kris Osterloh, Gloria Ambrowiak; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 9:20 AM

Minutes from 6-5 and 6-12-2014 Meetings – Approved

Bargaining Update – We brought our counter-proposal to OSU last Friday. Most of the session was spent with the teams trying to explain to each other what they actually meant. The next bargaining session is tomorrow at 11:30.

EOY BBQ Debrief – We didn’t run out of food this time! We only had to do one cheap-beer run. The music was great and inspired lots of dancing. We estimate about 150 people came by at some point. Some people felt awkward about presenting awards and acknowledgements in front of a big audience that mostly didn’t care. For next year, we’ll consider doing them at the Strategic Retreat instead.

HIAC Update – There’s a meeting tomorrow right after bargaining. For the medical portion of the plan, we’re going to request a slightly lower deductible to effect a lower out-of-pocket limit (after that being increased to roll in prescriptions). For the vision portion of the plan, the PacificSource rep made a mistake on costing out an improvement (they presented a number that was way too low), but they’re going to stick to what they said, so we’ll definitely accept it this year. For the dental portion of the plan, we’re proposing to change the maximum benefit cap from $1000 to $2500 so that the dental plan does more to cover major dental procedures like root canals, bridges, and crowns. CGE’s HIAC contingent is going to meet with OSU’s tomorrow to present this.

HR Search Committee – Thomas participated in the phone interviews yesterday. The pool has been narrowed down to 4 candidates who will have on-campus interviews on July 7, 8, 9, 14. Part of that will include time for the candidates to meet with CGE and SEIU. We’re happy to hear that the candidates who expressed a lot of antagonism against unions did not pass the phone interview stage. Thomas’s impression is that the rest of the search committee views CGE as partners in OSU’s success.

Policy Updates – Thomas has been working on updating the policies & procedures binder (with help from Ashley, Shannon, and other officers). Angela will work on some edits as well. After the Strategic Retreat, Thomas will present the updates to the EC for further discussion.

Strategic Retreat – It’s this weekend! Ashley, Mindy, and Shannon met to set up the agenda. Every officer has an assignment (as do Sean McGregor, Michelle Marie, and Braden Elliott). Watch for emails from Ashley about preparation and transportation!

Ed Ray Meeting – This is happening today at 11. CGE’s new business for the meeting includes instructor of record credit (Thomas), gender-neutral restrooms (Alisha), and tuition remission practices (Sneha).

Meeting adjourned at 10:33 AM

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