CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2012

In attendance: Forrest Parker, Wren Keturi, Braden Elliott, Eric Coker, Sydney Householder, Michelle Marie, Danny Ritter; Angela McClendon; Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke


Meeting called to order at 12:00 PM


Minutes from 10-30-12 meeting – Didn’t get to those.


Email Decisions – None this week.


Brew-Off Recap – It was great! Tons of people and lots of great beer. Sydney will ask Mike at LBFS if he can meet next Tuesday for a photo op and food delivery. (If the photo op doesn’t work soon, we’ll just take the food and check ASAP and do a photo op later.) The total donation should be around $3,500! Lauren is planning a debrief meeting with the volunteers to record thoughts for posterity. Press: Sydney will get a recap to the Baro and GT.


Campaign Update – We’ve heard back from the Barometer now; Danny will talk with them. There was a longer article in the GT and the NWLP. The campaign team had a meeting about what to work on now: meeting individually or in small groups with people we haven’t talked with (recently). Sarah is working to get together videos from lots of people for the website. There will be a printed update probably next week as well. There will be an OC meeting at noon on the 28th.


FML Policy – Danny met with Brenda McComb to talk about this (and the next few agenda items). Turns out the Grad School already wrote and approved the academic side of this quite a while ago; they aren’t sure what’s taking so long for HR to get the employee side written.


E-Campus – This fall is the last quarter of the trial year for the grad assistants’ tuition waiver covering e‑campus credits. Brenda thinks that OSU will continue the e-campus tuition waiver in the future.


ASOSU Stuff – Brenda wasn’t previously aware that unit clarification grievances fall under Grad School jurisdiction. They’ll talk about it some more.


Laurels Grants – Brenda had some numbers and info that Danny didn’t know, specifically about the grants being weighted to “increase diversity” on campus. We’re somewhat bothered that underrepresented populations are targeted for this “cheapest” way to get work done by grads. They’ll talk about it some more.


Matriculation Fees – Some people had been going to the Grad School to ask about it; they’d been sent to HR because the Grad School didn’t know about it. It sounds like HR has gotten this mostly figured out.


Ed Ray Meeting – It’s this Thursday at 10:30 AM. Things to talk about? We still need to push him to voluntarily recognize; we need to make him confirm he won’t appeal an ERB decision in our favor. This is probably going to be an awkward meeting and he’ll probably try to shut down conversation about the campaign.


Potential Grievance – Someone emailed Eric (and just now called the office) about a GTA issue. We’ll follow up.


Academic Coaches – Chris Lenn says “let’s try again later” because we’re all really busy right now.


Document Translation – We looked into some professional rates, which are probably too high for us to afford right now. But we have several members who have said they’re interested in helping. We’re especially looking for Mandarin, Korean, and Spanish. Maybe we’ll do a first pass through the Google and ask people to edit it.


Steward Council Meeting – It’s this Thursday at 6:30 at the Senior Center. Braden has drafted an agenda, especially including recap and feedback on the steward elections. Sydney is putting together a menu for the sandwich bar; she’ll get the food and Forrest will pick up two party pigs.


Trivia Night – Next Tuesday! At 7 PM on the Senior Center. Eric will put an event on fb tonight, and will email the social list and Gloria from SEIU.


Presidents’ Conference – It’s in Portland, November 16th and 17th. Wren has registered to go along with Danny and Sydney.


[Executive Session]


Meeting adjourned at 2:15 PM

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