In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Clint Mattox, Zhian Kamvar, Kris Osterloh, Stephanie Parreira, Vance Almquist (late!); Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:35 PM

Minutes from 11-12-2015 – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) Moved EC meeting to Monday the 23rd (right now!). (2) Approved the fair share notice emails. (3) Approved sending solidarity photo to PSU-GEU. (4) Approved letter of intent to negotiate. (5) Approved bargaining kick-off email to members list.

Controversial Social List Email – An email was sent to the Social List late last week that was held for moderation (from someone who’s subscribed to the list with an ONID address but sent it from a slightly different version of the address due to OSU’s complicating/simplifying the domain situation). Because it was held for moderation, we got to see the content of the email before approving it. It’s a link to a video that seems to be defamatory propaganda about Muslims/Middle Easterners. The officers feel weird about deliberately sending it across, because of its potentially incendiary content, the risk of uncivil discussion to follow, and not wanting to associate the Social List (which is a public CGE venue) with that kind of message. The EC agrees to not send this email across the list. The officers would like to create a Code of Conduct for the Social List (getting inspiration from a website with lots of templates that Zhian knows about). We’ll plan to email it to the Stewards list to ask for approval or disapproval. Zhian will work on drafting this with Clint assisting.

Bargaining Kick-Off Debrief – We had about 30 people show up for delivering the letter of intent last Thursday. We met at the MU with hot cocoa and walked to David Blake’s office at Kerr. Despite Dave’s less-than-pleased demeanor, Thomas thought the delivery went well. Turnout was not as good as we’d hoped. Some of the officers expressed that the timing was difficult because being out of state for a conference made it hard for them to do their part for turnout.

Grad School Introduction Meeting – Kris is totally going to email these folks. Angela will resend contact info.

Health Insurance Informational Event – Clint heard from Solange (the PacificSource rep) that she isn’t available on Tuesdays or Thursdays. We know that the McLean Room at Westmin isn’t available on Wednesday or Friday evenings. The EC feels that a late afternoon/evening meeting is better for maximizing accessibility than a midday meeting. Clint will ask for a Monday meeting in January.

Brew-Off Check Delivery – The Brew-Off donation has been finalized! It’s $8,422.48, our biggest donation ever. Thomas, Clint, and Kris will meet at Westm tomorrow at 10 AM and take everything to Linn Benton Food Share.

Brew-Off Extra Expenses – When we decided to change the Brew-Off merch design, it was with the knowledge that we’d incur more costs. The EC had agreed that those extra costs (which AFT-OR agreed to split with us) will come from CGE’s own budget, not out of the Brew-Off donation. The EC agrees that these should be expensed to the Promotional Items account. Related: Kris says he now has a shiny pint glass that has only the AFT-OR logo on it, after his soak-and-scrape experiment. He feels confident that he could have a whole batch of design-free pint glasses in time for next year’s Brew-Off; he and Vance have ideas for continued experimenting to make the scraping more efficient.

OSU Board of Trustees Meeting – There are three BOT meetings next month: 9 AM on Friday the 4th, 10:30 AM on Tuesday the 8th, and 3:30 PM on Tuesday the 15th. The meeting on the 15th might be most interesting to CGE as they will be discussing the makeup of the board and filling the vacant seat. Several officers can attend at least one of the meetings each. Clint will email the Steward List with the info we have about the three meetings to invite them. Then afterward, each officer will email their portion of the Stewards list with individual follow-ups.

OR Legislature School Governance – Thomas went to Salem last Monday the 16th to attend the Oregon House’s education committee’s follow-up hearing about the university boards. There were several people who spoke, including Thomas and Patrick Griene, VP for Membership Communications from GTFF, who both asked for a guaranteed grad employee seat on the boards, and an undergrad board member from PSU who mentioned feeling unable to do a great job representing grad student needs on their board. Shannon Brett, AFT-OR’s political staffer, doesn’t think we’d be able to get a guaranteed grad seat through in the upcoming legislative session in February. Folks from GTFF want to meet with individual representatives; Thomas said we’re also interested in that. Shannon will arrange a conference call with GTFF & CGE, probably in early December. Several officers are also interested in trying to set up a meeting with OR Governor Kate Brown along with GTFF and PSU grads, through AFL-CIO and AFT-OR connections; we’ll ask Shannon about this.

Allies on ASOSU – Thomas and Clint have both been thinking that CGE and ASAP could increase our influence on campus by working together to fill seats in the ASOSU legislature. Thomas will bring this up at the next meeting of the Alliance for a Socially Just University (December 2nd at noon in Hovland, everyone is invited!).

Oregon AFL-CIO Friedrichs Summit – This is all day in Portland on Thursday, December 3rd. CGE is permitted to send 2 leaders. Kris would like to go. The EC approves paying his mileage reimbursement if AFT-OR chooses not to. Other officers are probably unable to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 PM

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